Chem 14A/B Book Award

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Michael Veshkini was presented with the Book Award for Excellence in Chemistry for Chemistry 14A and 14B courses taught by Dr. Laurence Lavelle.

The Chem 14A/B Book Award for Excellence in Chemistry was started in 2004 by Dr. Laurence Lavelle.  The award gives recognition to the student with the highest combined Chem 14A and Chem 14B score in Dr. Lavelle’s classes and awards the student with a book of their choice.  The award is presented during March of the year after the students complete the two classes.  

Laurence Lavelle presenting the book to Michael Veshkini on March 10, 2014

List of Past Award Recipients:

2004-2005   Kara Lau

2005-2006   Justin Zaghi

2006-2007   Claire Sampankanpanich

2007-2008   Phillip Pham

2008-2009   Ke-Huan Chow

2009-2010   Sona Parikh

2010-2011   Yu Lim

2011-2012   Derrick Huang

2012-2013   Michael Veshkini