ACS/Dreyfus Symposium on Theoretical & Computational Chemistry

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Professor Ken Houk is one of the featured speakers at a special symposium at the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans, LA on Tuesday, March 20, 2018.

Theoretical & Computational Chemistry, the topic of the 2017 Dreyfus prize awarded to Professor Michele Parrinello (from the ETH Zürich), is the focus of the symposium which is being sponsored by Dreyfus Foundation. Parrinello will be one of the speakers at the symposium. The full program available online.

Houk will present his work on the dynamics of pericyclic reactions involving computational elaboration of the details of how reactions occur. Other speakers include Professor Emily Carter of Princeton and former UCLA faculty member (1988-2004) and Professor Sharon Hammes-Schiffer of Yale, our Winter 2016 Distinguished Lecturer.

The symposium is sponsored by the American Chemical Society (ACS) Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group and co-sponsored by the Physical Chemistry and Computers in Chemistry divisions.

To learn more about Houk’s research, visit his group’s website.