ACS PHYS Chair of the Theory

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Professor Anastassia Alexandrova has been elected to be the Chair of the Theory subdivision of the PHYS Division of the American Chemical Society. 

The main responsibility of the theory subdivision Chair consists of bringing and soliciting suggestions for new theory symposia at the American Chemical Society (ACS) meetings, thus directing the general trends in the theoretical chemistry done within the ACS Physical Chemistry Division (PHYS). The post is for three years, starting at the 2016 Spring ACS meeting in San Diego.  

Before Professor Alexandrova, this position was held by Professor Alán Aspuru-Guzik (Harvard), and Professor Anna Krylov (USC).

The focus of Professor Alexandrova’s research is computational and theoretical design and multi-scale description of new materials.

To learn more about Professor Alexandrova’s research visit her website here.