6th International Conference on Chemical Bonding (ICCB)

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Professor Anastassia Alexandrova cohosted the 6th International Conference on Chemical Bonding (ICCB) in Hawaii this July.

This year’s conference, which was sponsored in part by the UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, was held in Kauai, Hawaii on July 13-17, 2018. UCLA chemistry & biochemistry Professors Ben Schwartz, Sarah Tolbert, Paul Weiss, and Philippe Sautet were among the 50 scientists from 12 different countries who gave talks at the meeting. 

Theoretical and computational chemists Alexandrova and Professor Alex Boldrev (Utah State University) started the ICCB series in 2013 to explore novel ways to describe chemical bonding and to attempt to make sense of them. Their cohost this year was Professor Lai-Sheng Wang (Brown University).

The previous five ICCB conferences have been great successes. ICCB 2014 was highlighted on the cover of Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) and ICCB 2016 was highlighted in C&EN, The Journal of Physical Chemistry, and ACS Central Science (one of the top ten downloaded paper of the year).  

Group photo from the 2018 ICCB conference in Kauai, Hawaii.

To learn about Alexandrova’s research visit her group’s website.