2022 Graduation

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Select photos from the 2022 Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Commencement Ceremony and a video of Susan Baumgarten’s commencement address are now available.

A video of Baumgarten’s commencement address as well as Professor Garg’s welcoming remarks and the presentation of the Alumni Award by Dean of Physical Sciences Professor Miguel García-Garibay can be viewed here. Select photos from the event can be viewed below.

At the ceremony on Saturday, June 11, 2022, García-Garibay presented the UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry 2022 Alumni Award to commencement speaker Susan Baumgarten (B.A. ’73, M.S.’76, M.B.A. ’79). The event was the department’s first in-person graduation ceremony in three years.

(Left) Dean of Physical Sciences Professor Miguel García-Garibay presented the 2022 Alumni Award to Susan Baumgarten. (Right) Baumgarten during her commencement address.

After Baumgarten’s inspiring commencement address, Department Chair Professor Neil Garg asked the recipients of the 2022 commencement awards to stand so that they could be acknowledged. Photos of the award recipients can be viewed on the following websites – Graduate Student Commencement Awards and Undergraduate Student Commencement Awards.

56 Ph. D. students were recognized at the ceremony, setting a record for the department. This year, we also had five departmental scholars who received a Master of Science degree.

329 undergraduates received certificates at the ceremony. There were 25 alumni from the class of 2020, 26 alumni from the class of 2021, and 278 students for the class of 2022 at the ceremony.

(Left) 2022 Alumni Award recipient Susan Baumgarten gave an inspiring commencement address. (Right) Graduate students wait for the ceremony to begin.
(Left) Department Chair Professor Neil Garg addresses the attendees. (Right) Graduate students enjoy the day.
(Left) Award recipients stand to be acknowledged. (Right) An enthusiastic undergraduate waits to receive his certificate.
(Left) Undergraduates receive their certificates. (Right) Professor Hung V. Pham, Dr. Stacy Nakamoto, and Dr. Anne Hong-Hermesdorf after the ceremony. Pham and Hong-Hermesdorf awarded the certificates to the undergraduates and Nakamoto called the names of the Bachelor of Science candidates.
(Left) Alumnus and donor Dr. Arturo Bellettini with undergraduate Colleen Le, recipient of the 2022 Maria Rebecca and Maureen Belletini award. (Right) Undergraduates wait for the ceremony to begin.

(Left) After the ceremony, Susan Baumgarten poses for a photo with a recent graduate and David Totheroh. (RIght) Professor Ken Houk snaps a “selfie” with recent graduates.
(Left) Dolores Cannon Southam award recipient Chris La with Robin Genchel, a cousin of the late alumna Dolores Cannon Southam. (Right) Professor Chong Liu hoods graduate student Jesus Alberto Iniguez.

Penny Jennings, UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, penny@chem.ucla.edu.