2016 Chemistry and Biochemistry Graduation

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Video and select photos from the 2016 Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Commencement Ceremony are now available for viewing.

At the ceremony on Saturday, June 11, 2016, the UCLA Chemistry and Biochemistry 2016 Alumni award was presented to commencement speaker physician Dr. Richard Buller (UCLA Chemistry ’71), Vice President of Oncology Clinical Development, Pfizer. Buller was joined at the event by his wife Cathy Buller and four of his five children and their spouses.

The video of Chair and Professor Miguel Garcia-Garibay’s introduction, the alumni award presentation by Dean of Physical Sciences Joseph Rudnick and Dr. Buller’s commencement address can be viewed here. Select photos from the event can be viewed below.

Graduate and undergraduate award winners (listed below) were recognized for their achievements at the ceremony. Many thanks to our generous donors who made the awards possible!

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Photo Captions 1. (left) Commencement ceremony viewed from the roof of Boelter Hall, (right) the event was a great photo opportunity.
2. (left) Prof. and Chair Miguel Garcia-Garibay and (right) Dean Joseph Rudnick addressed the audience.
3. (left) Dr. Richard Buller was presented the 2016 Alumni Award by Dean Rudnick.
4. (left) Dr. Buller’s family listened as he gave his inspirational commencement speech (right).
5. (left) Undergraduates stand to be recognized for the awards they received (right) a proud student.
6. (left) Family members show their support for their graduate, (right) guests enjoyed cake and punch on the lawn prior to the ceremony.
7. (left) Prof. Steven Clarke with his mentee graduate student Andrea Hadjikyriacou, recipient of the inaugural Daniel E. Atkinson and Charles A. West Dissertation Award, (right) graduate student Tejas Shah, recipient of the TCI-UCLA Dissertation Award for Outstanding Contributions to Organic Synthesis, with his advisor Prof. Neil Garg.
8. (left) Prof. Catherine Clarke with mentee undergraduate researcher Nikki Lam, recipient of the inaugural Daniel E. Atkinson and Charles A. West Dissertation award, (right) Dolores Cannon Southam award recipients undergraduates Yu-Lun (Allen) Liang and Gary Shmorgon with Robin Genchel (middle), a cousin of the late alumna Dolores Cannon Southam for whom the award is named.
9. (left) Graduate student John Cook, recipient of the Materials Chemistry Award with his mentor Prof. Sarah Tolbert, (right) Megan Sjodt, recipient of the Daniel E. Atkinson and Charles A. West Dissertation Award with her mentor Prof. Robert Clubb.
10. (left) Graduate student Liana Hie, recipient of the Saul and Sylvia Winstein Award, with her family, (right) graduate student Brian McVerry, recipient of the Inorganic Faculty Chemistry Award with his mentor Prof. Richard Kaner.

Congratulations to the following student award recipients:

Graduate Student Dissertation Awards

Saul and Sylvia Winstein Award: Liana Hie
Biochemistry Award: David Leibly
Inorganic Chemistry Award: Michael Yeung
Inorganic Faculty Chemistry Award: Brian McVerry
The Pfizer-UCLA Dissertation Award for Excellence in Organic Synthesis: Jack Bracken
Aldrich-UCLA Dissertation Award for Outstanding Contributions to Organic Synthesis: Robert Jordan
Materials Chemistry Award: John Cook
TCI-UCLA Dissertation Award for Outstanding Contributions to Organic Synthesis: Tejas Shah

Daniel E. Atkinson and Charles A. West Dissertation Award: Andrea Hadjikyriacou & Megan Sjodt

Undergraduate Student Awards

Alpha Chi Sigma (AXE) Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship: Janine Fu & John Kozlowski
Alumni Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship: Brandon Yoshida
Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Research Fellowship: Dyana Kenanova
Daniel Kivelson Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship: Luke Verlinsky
Whitcome Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship: Emma Carley & Nguyen Pham
Raymond & Dorothy Wilson Research Fellowship: Riley Fricke, Alexander Laughlin, Ryan McCurdy, Talia Saravi
Zymo Research Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship: Cyrus Jin
Arthur Furst Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research: John Breen & Scott Shepard
Dolores Cannon Southam Award for Excellence in Research: Yu-Lun (Allen) Liang & Gary Shmorgon
Dunn Award for Excellence in Biochemistry: Luke Batty & Ye Seong Kim
Daniel E. Atkinson & Charles E. West Biochemistry Undergraduate Prize in Metabolic Biochemistry: Hei Tong “Nikki” Lam & Thao Luong
Alpha Chi Sigma Achievement Award: Gary Shmorgon
Geissman Award for Excellence in Organic Chemistry: Yanwu Shao & Rongjia Zhang
Ramsey Award for Excellence in Physical Chemistry: Logan Grimaud & Benjamin Kartub
Ethel Terry McCoy Award for Excellence in Chemistry & Biochemistry: Miranda Lowe, Joanna Marshall, Azin Saebi, & Shiyao Wang
American Chemistry Society (ACS) Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award: Scott Shepard
American Chemistry Society (ACS) Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Award: Sarah Anthony
Hypercube Scholar: Nima Adhami

Photos by Gradimages