2016 ASBMB Annual Meeting – Poster Winners, Session Leaders & Speakers

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UCLA Chemistry and Biochemistry graduate students, postdocs and alumni contributed to the success of the ASBMB annual meeting held in San Diego this April. 

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) annual meeting brings together scientists from around the world to discuss the latest research in biochemistry and molecular biology. The scientific program highlights the scientific themes covered at this year’s meeting which took place April 2-6, 2016.  

2016 Annual Meeting Best Thematic Poster winners

Hong 3

Dr. Hong Nguyen (right) (Ph.D. ’15 Biochemistry, Joseph Loo group), currently a postdoc in Prof. Loo’s group, won for her poster on the scientific theme of Systems Biology and Proteomics titled “Simultaneously Revealing All Lysine Acylations in an Organism to Elucidate Substrate Metabolism”.

Sjodt Megan UCLABiochemistry graduate student Megan Sjodt (left) (Robert Clubb group) won for her poster on the scientific theme of Bioinorganic Catalysis titled “The NMR Model of the 39-kDa Tri-Domain IsdH Protein from Staphylococcus aureus Suggests That It Uses Inter-Domain Motions to Recognize Human Hemoglobin and Promote Heme Release”.

ASBMB received more than 1,500 abstracts, and 30-plus researchers were selected for the award. The complete list of winners can be viewed here.

“Straight from the Bench” session, led by graduate student and alumus, featured talks by graduate student and postdoc. 

Androulla %28Andrea%29 Hadjikyriacou WebAlex Patananan 0The “Straight from the Bench” session titled “Post-translational Modifications and the Microorganism Reponse” was organized by Biochemistry graduate student Andrea Hadjikyriacou (far left) (Steve Clarke group) and alum Dr. Alexander Patananan (near left) (Ph.D. Biochemistry ’14, Steve Clarke group), currently a postdoc in Prof. Michael Tietell’s group in the UCLA Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.
Biochemistry graduate student Kanishk Jain (Steven Clarke group) (right) and Dr. Hong Nguyen (see above) were selected to give talks at this session.
Read more about Andrea and Dr. Patananan’s organization of this session here.