2015 Robert Scott Lecture

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Select photos from the 2015 Robert Scott Lecture, presented by Professor Zhen-Gang Wang, are now available for viewing.

The 9th annual Robert L. Scott Lecture, which honors Professor Emeritus Bob Scott, who has been a member of the department since 1948, was presented on October 5 by Zhen-Gang Wang, Lawrence A. Hanson Professor of Chemical Engineering at Caltech. Before joining the Caltech faculty, Prof. Wang was a postdoc for two years at UCLA, where he worked with Prof. Bill Gelbart. In his research he has applied statistical mechanics to a large number of interdisciplinary areas of physical chemistry, materials science and biophysics. His lecture, titled “Self-Energy Effects of Salt Ions on Phase Behavior and Interfacial Properties,” examined theoretically the effect of salt on phenomena as diverse as the order-disorder transitions in diblock copolymers and interfacial activity in air/water and oil/water interfaces, topics in the spirit of Prof. Scott’s research.

Prof. Wang joins a group of distinguished scientists who have been Robert L. Scott Lecturers: Benjamin Widom (Cornell), David Chandler (UC Berkeley), Hans Andersen (Stanford), John Weeks (Maryland), Eric Dickinson (Leeds), Andrea Liu (Penn), Stuart Rice (Chicago), and Daan Frenkel (Cambridge). 


Scott Lecture1 Photo Captions
1. (Left) Prof. Chuck Knobler welcomes the audience to the lecture. (Right) Prof. Yung Ya-Lin and Prof. Emer. Howard Reiss in the audience.
2. (Left) Prof. Bill Gelbart introduces Prof. Zhen-Gang Wang. (Right) Prof. Wang during his lecture.
3. Prof. Wang and  the audience.
4. At the reception following the lecture: (left) Prof. Bill Gelbart and Prof. Emer. Howard Reiss. (Right) Prof. Paul Weiss, Prof. Zhen-Gang Wang, Prof. Ben Schwartz
5. Prof. Zhen-Gang Wang with Prof. Bill Gelbart at the reception.

Photos by Penny Jennings, UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.