2015 Chemistry and Biochemistry Graduation

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Video and select photos from the 2015 Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Commencement Ceremony are now available for viewing online.

At the ceremony on June 13, 2015, the UCLA Chemistry and Biochemistry 2015 Alumni award was presented to commencement speaker Dr. Myung-ki Hong (UCLA Chemistry ’59), Founder and President of Dura Coat Products, Inc.  Dr. Hong was joined at the festivities by his wife Lorrie Hong and fellow UCLA alumni Chong Ja Kwon; Jae Min Chang, Chairman of the Korea Times; and Los Angeles City Councilman David Ryu. The event was featured in the Korea Times.

The video of Chair and Professor Miguel Garcia-Garibay’s introduction, the alumni award presentation by Joseph Rudnick, Dean of the Division of Physical Sciences and Senior Dean of the College of Letters and Science, and Dr. Hong’s commencement address, can be viewed here.  Selected photos from the event can be viewed below.

Graduate and undergraduate award winners (listed below) were recognized for their achievements at the ceremony. Many thanks to our generous donors who made the awards possible!







Gradphoto9 Photo captions

1. (left) Aerial photo of the commencement ceremony, (right) students taking selfies before the ceremony.

2. (left) Students cheer for their friends, (right) excited undergraduates waiting to accept their diplomas.

3. Graduate student award winners stand to be recognized for their achievements.

4. (left) Prof. and Chair Miguel Garcia-Garibay addressed the audience, (right) Dr. Myung-ki Hong (L) is presented the 2015 Alumni Award by Dean Joseph Rudnick.

5. Dr. Hong addresses the audience, which includes his honored guests in the front row.

6. (left) Graduate student Zhao Li, recipient of the Physical Chemistry Award, with her family and advisor Prof. Yung-Ya Lin, (right) Graduate student Jaime Torres, recipient of the Inorganic Faculty Chemistry Award, with his family.

7. (left) Prof. Garcia-Garibay with undergraduate Kyle Travaglini, recipient of the Dolores Cannon Southam Award, (right) undergraduate Christina Jayson, recipient of the Dun Award for Excellence in Biochemistry, with her advisor Prof. Carla Koehler.

8. (left) Prof. Ken Houk with graduate student Ashay Patel, recipient of the Thomas L. and Ruth F. Jacobs Award, (right) graduate student Amy Ferreira, recipient of the Inorganic and Materials Chemistry Award, with her advisor Prof. Sarah Tolbert.

9. (left) An excited undergraduate student shows off his diploma, (right) a proud student’s message to her parents.

Congratulations to the following Student Award Recipients:

Graduate Student Dissertation Awards  Saul and Sylvia Winstein Award: Hung Viet Pham
Physical Chemistry Award: Zhao Li
Biochemistry Award:  Dan McNamara
Inorganic and Materials Chemistry Award: Amy Ferreira
Inorganic Faculty Chemistry Award: Jaime Torres
Thomas L. and Ruth F. Jacobs Award: Ashay Patel
The Pfizer-UCLA Dissertation Award:  Joel Michael Smith & Evan Styduhar
Aldrich-UCLA Dissertation Award: Noah Fine Nathel & Tristin Rose

Undergraduate Student Awards

Alumni Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship: Logan Grimaud
Alpha Chi Sigma (AXE) Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship: Joanna Marshall
Whitcome Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship: Hamilton Trinh & Liujie Wang
Daniel Kivelson Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship: Hsin-Ti Lin
Raymond & Dorothy Wilson Research Fellowship: Joshua Jeong, Paul Robinson, Scott Shepard, GuanZhou Zhu
Arthur Furst Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research: Justin Ondry
Dolores Cannon Southam Award: Lindsay Chaney & Kyle Travaglini
Dunn Award for Excellence in Biochemistry: Christina Jayson
Alpha Chi Sigma Achievement Award: Ryan Chung
Geissman Award for Excellence in Organic Chemistry: Brandon Sumida
Ramsey Award for Excellence in Physical Chemistry: Seth Ahlquist
Ethel Terry McCoy Award for Excellence in Chemistry & Biochemistry: Jun Gao, Alice Hsu, Elamar Hakim Moully
American Chemical Society Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award: Justin Ondry
Hypercube Scholar: Scott McConnell & Vinh Nguyen

Photos by GradImages (1, 6-8) and Penny Jennings, UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (2-5, 9).