Inaugural Richard E. Dickerson Biochemistry Lecture

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Professor Robert Stroud Dickerson lecture

On Thursday, December 1, 2022, Dr. Robert M. Stroud, Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of California, San Francisco, gave the Inaugural Richard E. Dickerson Biochemistry Lecture.

This lecture series honors Professor Emeritus Richard Dickerson, a giant in structural biology. A new endowment was recently established for the series to provide resources for an enriched biochemistry seminar series at UCLA, which will augment the ability of UCLA’s Biochemistry Division to continue its tradition of bringing the best scientific minds to campus to speak and interact with our faculty and students to enrich our teaching and research programs. We are grateful to all the donors whose generosity made the lecture series possible. Read more about Dickerson and the fund here.

The lecture began with a video of Dickerson’s opening remarks, which were filmed by graduate student Rebecca Warmack (S. Clarke group), who visited Dickerson at his home in Pasadena. (He was not able to attend the lecture.) The video was followed by historical presentations by Dickerson’s biochemistry colleagues Professors Steven Clarke, David Eisenberg, and Juli Feigon. In Stroud’s lecture, titled “Caught in the Act! – Building the Wall!”, he reported on molecular recognition and membrane transduction.

Select photos from the event can be viewed below and a photo gallery can be viewed here.

Video recording of the Inaugural Richard E. Dickerson Biochemistry Lecture on December 1, 2022.
(Left) Attendees listen to remarks before the lecture. (Right) Professor Steve Clarke introduced the video of Professor Richard Dickerson’s remarks.
The audience in Boyer Hall 159 view the video of Professor Richard Dickerson’s remarks at the lecture.
Professor Robert Stroud honored Dickerson during his lecture.
(Left) Professor Todd Yeates during the Q&A after Stroud’s lecture. (Right) Professor Robert Stroud responds to questions about his lecture.
Stroud with (left) Professor David Eisenberg and (right) Professor Juli Feigon.