2023 UCLA Alpha Chi Sigma (AXΣ) Glenn T. Seaborg Award

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Prof. Justin Caram with Seaborg Co-Chairs Britney Pham and Naedeen Aquino

Professor Justin Caram was presented with the 2023 UCLA Alpha Chi Sigma (AXΣ) Glenn T Seaborg Award at the annual AXΣ Seaborg Banquet on May 6.

The event, held at the Mayfair Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, was attended by members of Alpha Chi Sigma, a professional chemistry co-ed fraternity for undergraduate students, UCLA chemistry and biochemistry faculty members, alumni, and their guests. At the banquet, Caram gave a brief presentation about his recent work and the direction of his research in the future.

“It’s an honor to receive this recognition from our dedicated undergraduates,” said Professor Justin Caram. “I am really happy we finally got to celebrate the award after a few delays!”.

A physical chemist, Caram joined the UCLA faculty in 2017. His expertise includes biophysics, materials, nanoscience and bioenergy and the environment. His research leverages the detection, sorting and timing of individual photons to unravel complex chemical processes and energy flow in nanomaterial and biological systems.

The event was organized by AXΣ members Britney Pham and Naedeen Aquino (pictured above with Caram). The Glenn T. Seaborg Banquet is a very special event for the Beta Gamma chapter, as it brings together the department’s faculty along with AXΣ pledges, members and alumni under one roof as they celebrate the accomplishments of a Chemistry & Biochemistry faculty member and to have a reunion as well.

Chemistry & Biochemistry faculty, alumni, members of AXS, and Professor Justin Caram’s group, listen while he speaks about his research.
(Left) Caram with his wife, Prof. Lauren Wisk, Assistant Professor in the UCLA Division of General Internal Medicine & Health Services Research. (Right) Chemistry & Biochemistry instructional faculty and their guests (from left) Amanda Nguyen, Dr. Hung Pham, Dr. Stacie Nakamoto, Dr. Anne Hong-Hermesdorf, Merryn Cole, and Dr. Ryan Lannan.
(Left) Caram with members of his group (top from left) Lia Coffey, Belle Coffey, Justin Caram, Ricardo (Ricky) Ronquillo, Caleb Pike, Benjamin Ngyuen. Bottom row from the left: Ash Hua, Richard, Liu, John Cao. (Right) Guests enjoy the evening.

The Seaborg Banquet is a tradition for the Beta Gamma chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma. The Alpha Chi Sigma Glenn T. Seaborg Award (not to be confused with the Glenn T. Seaborg Medal awarded by the department) is presented annually at the banquet to an early-career UCLA chemistry and biochemistry faculty member in recognition of his/her outstanding achievements, with emphasis on research and scholarly impact. Consideration is also given to outstanding teaching, mentoring and professional service.

Photos by Melinda Chang, Instagram is @photosbymeli

Penny Jennings, UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, penny@chem.ucla.edu.