2018 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellows

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Three graduate students, four undergraduate student researchers, and an alumna receive highly competitive 2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program awards.   

In addition, five graduate students and one undergraduate student researcher received 2018 NSF Honorable Mentions.

Graduate students Joseph Jaye (Sletten group), Joseph Ong (Torres group), Stasik Popov (Nelson group), and undergraduate researchers Jesus Lopez Baltazar (Kaner group), Paul Chong (Spokoyny group), Paul Robinson (Alexandrova group), and Liya Oster (Gelbart/Knobler group), were awarded 2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships (GRFP). 

2018 NSF Montage Awardees REV

2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellows (from left) – graduate students Joseph Jaye, Joseph Ong, Stasik Popov, and undergraduate student researchers Jesus Lopez Baltazar, Paul Chong, Paul Robinson, and Liya Oster. 

Honorable Mentions by NSF, also a significant national academic achievement, were accorded to graduate students Sarah Anthony (Garg group), Rachel Day (Sletten group), Xiaofei Lin (Hoffman group),

Jaime Fidel Ruiz-Robles

(Gelbart/Zink groups),

Gail Vinnacombe

(P Weiss group) and undergraduate researcher

Evelyn Hernandez

(Rodriguez group).
2018 NSF Montage HMs

2018 NSF Honorable Mention recipients – Sarah Anthony, Rachel Day, Xiaofei Lin, Jaime Fidel Ruiz-Robles, Gail Vinnacombe, and Evelyn Hernandez.

Saebi%2C%20Azin%20052317Former Spokoyny group undergraduate researcher Azin Saebi (’17 Biochemistry and Neuroscience) (pictured right), currently a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Buchwald group, was also selected to receive a 2018 NSF GRFP fellowship.