2017 Departmental Summer Research Fellowship Awards

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This summer, thanks to our generous donors, 25 undergraduate students will conduct research in our faculty labs as summer research fellows.

“Thanks to donor support I am thrilled that we can double the number of our summer undergraduate research fellows!” said Department Chair Professor Catherine F. Clarke. “When scientists think back to what got them hooked on science – they almost always refer to their experience working in a research lab. These experiences are often truly transformative. Summer undergraduate research internships cost about $3500 per student. The department is very thankful for donor funds that allow us to support summer undergraduate research. We hope to be able to fund even more students in the near future!”

Not only is summer research experience typically one of the most meaningful parts of an undergraduate education, it also enables students to pursue science research rather than having to accept a summer job in an unrelated field (e.g. Starbucks, etc.). For many students, experiencing research in a lab is a real game-changer — many who previously thought they were headed to pharmacy, medical, or dental school, realize how exciting research is, and begin to consider research as a career. 

 “The positive effects of an undergraduate research experience on student learning, attitude, and career choice have been systematically studied” said Vice Chair of Undergraduate Education Professor Yung-Ya Lin. “In the past decade, research on these student experiences has revealed the extensive array of professional and personal benefits. Thank our donors and colleagues — the resources and research available to students contribute a great deal to their success as undergraduates.” 

The fellowships and students are:

This fellowship is sponsored by the UCLA chapter of the Alpha Chi Sigma (AEX) Fraternity

Cole Meyer – faculty mentor, Prof. Patrick Harran

This fellowship was established in 1997 by a pledge from the late Prof. Henry Bruman (’35 Chemistry), who was a professor emeritus of geography at UCLA, followed by donations from other alumni, including a major donation from alumnus Dr. Robert Boschan and his wife Bobbie Boschan.

John Kozlowski – faculty mentor, Prof. Danny Neuhauser

The family of UCLA Chemistry and Biochemistry professor Dr. Daniel Kivelson (1929-2003) established this fellowship in his honor so that his legacy would live on and help educate young scientists.

Yuxinn Pan – faculty mentor, Prof. William Gelbart

This fellowship honors the late Dr. Philip Whitcome who received his Ph.D. in 1974 from UCLA and went on to a stellar career in the biotechnology industry.

Xinyi Cheng – faculty mentor, Prof.  Anne Andrews
Kayla Frank – faculty mentor, Prof. Carla Koehler

These fellowships were established by alumnus Raymond A. Wilson (’43) and his wife Dorothy as a tribute to the UCLA chemistry professors who, more than seventy years ago, had such a profound impact on Raymond when he was a bright young chemistry student.

Omar Ebrahim – faculty mentor, Prof. Heather Maynard
Dyana Kenanova – faculty mentor, Prof. Patrick Harran
Shang-Lin Tsai – faculty mentor, Prof. Yung-Ya Lin
Yifan Ma – faculty mentor, Prof. Heather Maynard
Ryan McLaughlin – faculty mentor, Prof.  Ellen Sletten
Tate Reuter – faculty mentor, Prof.  Paula Diaconescu
Inwhan Roh – faculty mentor, Prof. Richard Kaner
Joyce Samson – faculty mentor, Prof.  Guillaume Chanfreau
Miles Savage – faculty mentor, Prof. Alex Spokoyny
Yi Shen – faculty mentor, Prof.  Paula Diaconescu
Sungho Son – faculty mentor, Prof. Shimon Weiss
Abby Thurm – faculty mentor, Prof.  William Gelbart
Jocelyn To – faculty mentor, Prof. Michael Jung
Luke Verlinsky – faculty mentor, Prof.  Louis Bouchard
Guan Wang – faculty mentor, Prof. Yung-Ya Lin
Andrea Winslow – faculty mentor, Prof. Craig Merlic
Matthew Ye – faculty mentor, Prof. Paul Weiss
Yuyang Zhang – faculty mentor, Prof. Hosea Nelson
James Ziegenbein – faculty mentor, Prof.  Jose Rodriguez

We are currently raising funds to support future named Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowships. If you are interested in making a contribution please contact Denise Mantonya, denise@chem.ucla.edu, 310-825-4660.