Wollman, Roy


Wollman Roy

Short Biography

Dr. Wollman’s training was highly interdisciplinary including statistics, biophysics, experimental biology. He is passionate about science, mentoring, and kite flying.

Research Interests

The Wollman lab studies information processing in intracellular and intercellular signaling networks in the presence of a high degree of single-cell variability. A particular focus is on the connection between gene expression and signaling dynamics at the single cell level.


The Wollman lab measuresmodels, and manipulates signaling activities at the single-cell level to understand Dynamic Cellular Information Processing. We strive to understand cellular decision-making, biological variation, and biological noise using multidisciplinary approaches.

  • Measure: We develop methods in single-cell fluorescence microscopy in combination with computational image analysis to evaluate the distribution of cellular responses in real-time. The resulting high-throughput datasets are quantified using computational data analysis and interpreted using advanced statistical methods.
  • Model: We use mathematical modeling based on signaling pathway mechanisms to infer and predict the details of mechanistic cellular signaling.
  • Manipulate: We experimentally investigate a cellular signaling system by manipulating the internal and external cellular environment both spatially and temporally at the single-cell level. Specific approaches include microfluidic devices, genetic and pharmaceutical perturbations, and optogenetics.

Representative Publications

Below are a selected list of publications. For the full list, please visit here.