Bouchard, Louis S.


Bouchard Louis

Short Biography

Dr. Bouchard obtained a bachelor’s degree in physics and business management from McGill University in Montréal, Canada, a Master’s degree in medical biophysics from the University of Toronto and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Princeton University. His doctoral dissertation explores the use of multiple quantum coherence and long-range dipolar interactions in condensed matter to characterize heterogeneous material microstructure. During his stay in the laboratory of Alex Pines at the University of California, Berkeley he developed novel approaches and methodologies to portable, low-field NMR and MRI, microfluidics and hyperpolarization methods to the study of chemical reactions. He joined the UCLA faculty during the summer of 2008 to pursue research in physical chemistry.

Research Interests

UCLA Chemistry Bouchard Lab

Professor Louis Bouchard and his group conduct experimental research in physical & analytical chemistry, materials and bioengineering. The group is involved in the development of engineering solutions for immunotherapy, contrast agents & drug delivery systems for biomedical imaging, biosensing, tissue engineering, high frequency electromagnetics, condensed matter physics and catalysis.

His group combines a range of laboratory and techniques from chemical synthesis to instrumentation development and various spectroscopies based on specific needs of the research.

We are currently recruiting students to work on three projects (machine learning, molecular kinetics and quantum computing).

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Honors & Awards

  • 2018    UCLA Innovation Fund CS Competition | UCLA Technology Development Group
  • 2015    ΑΧΣ (UCLA) Glenn T. Seaborg Award
  • 2015    Chinese Academy of Sciences | CAS President’s International Fellowship
  • 2014    Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center | Seed Grant Award
  • 2014    UCLA Diversity & Faculty Development | Faculty Career Development Award
  • 2013    UCLA Diversity & Faculty Development | Faculty Career Development Award
  • 2013    Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center | Seed Grant Award
  • 2012    Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation | Beckman Young Investigator Award
  • 2012    Exploratory Research Space | RWTH Aachen University
  • 2012    UCLA Diversity & Faculty Development | Faculty Career Development Award
  • 2011    Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center | Seed Grant Award
  • 2011    UCLA Council on Research | Faculty Research Grant Award
  • 2010    Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh | Starter Grant Award
  • 2008    Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation | New Faculty Award

Representative Publications

  • Ren Y, Selco C, Kawashiri D, Coumans M, Fortman B, Bouchard LS, Holczer K, Takahashi S, “Investigation of intrinsic linewidths in NV-detected 13C NMR at 4.2 Tesla”, arXiv:2303.00740 (2023) Download
  • Niknam M, Bouchard LS, “Nuclear Induction Lineshape Modeling via Hybrid SDE and MD Approach”, Phys. Rev. E (under review) arXiv:2210.14542 [physics.chem-ph] Download
  • Cokic I, Chan SF, Guan X, Nair A, Yang H-J, Liu T, Chen Y, Hernando D, Sykes J, Tang R, Butler J, Dohnalkova A, Kali A, Kovarik L, Finney R, Sharif B, Bouchard LS, Gupta R, Krishnam M, Vora K, Tamarappoo B, Howarth A, Kumar A, Francis J, Reeder S, Wood J, Prato F, Dharmakumar R, “Intramyocardial Hemorrhage Drives Fatty Degeneration of Infarcted Myocardium”, Nat. Commun. 13, 6394 (2022) Download
  • Majedi FS, Hasani-Sadrabadi MM, Thauland TJ, Keswani SG, Li S, Bouchard LS, Butte MJ, “Systemic enhancement of antitumour immunity by peritumourally implanted immunomodulatory macroporous scaffolds”. Nat. Biomed. Eng. 7, 56-71 (2023) Download
  • Chen Y, Miyahara H, Bouchard LS, Roychowdhury W, “Quantum Approximation of Normalized Schatten Norms and Applications to Learning” (under review) arXiv:2206.11506 [quant-ph] Download
  • Peetz J, Bouchard LS, “Lie Symmetry-Regularized Neural PDE Solver”, J. Comp. Phys. (under review)
  • Koumoulis D, Ishikawa R, Akiyama R, Zhang P, Morris GD, Chasapis TC, Chatzichristos A, McFadden RML, Karner VL, Murata K, Ertas YN, Yue O, Leung B, Springholz G, Fiete GA, Wang KL, Kanatzidis M, Kuroda S, Bouchard LS, “Nanoscale Spin Dynamics of SnTe, a Topological Crystalline Insulator (TCI), and (Pb0.5Sn0.5)0.8In0.2Te, a Superconducting TCI”, Science Advances (under review)
  • Niknam M, Schwartz RN, Bouchard LS, “Quantum Gates Between Mesoscopic Spin Ensembles” (under review)
  • Miyahara H, Chen Y, Roychowdhury V, Bouchard LS, “Decoherence Mitigation by Embedding a Logical Qubit in a Qudit” (under review) arXiv:2205.00418v1 [quant-ph] Download
  • Niknam M, Chowdhury MFF, Rajib MM, Misba WA, Schwartz RN, Wang KL, Atulasimha J, Bouchard LS, “Quantum Control of Spin Qubits Using Nanomagnets”, Commun. Phys. (submitted) arXiv:2203.16720 [cond-mat.mes-hall] Download
  • Youssef K, Shao K, Moon S, Bouchard LS, “XAI Model for Accurate and Interpretable Landslide Susceptibility” (under review) arXiv:2201.06837 [cs.LG] (2022) Download
  • Zeng Q, Guo Q, Yuan Y, Wang B, Sui M, Lou X, Bouchard LS, Zhou X, “Ultrasensitive molecular building block for biothiol NMR detection at picomolar concentrations”, iScience 24, 103515 (2021) Download
  • Archer BJ, Mack JJ, Acosta S, Nakasone R, Dahoud F, Youssef K, Goldstein A, Goldsman A, Held MC, Wiese M, Blümich B, Wessling M, Emondts M, Klankermayer J, Iruela-Arispe ML, Bouchard LS, “Mapping Cell Viability Quantitatively and Independently From Cell Density in 3D Gels Noninvasively”, IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng. 68, 2940-2947 (2021) Download
  • Li H, Zhao X, Wang Y, Lou X, Chen S, Deng E, Shi L, Xie J, Tang D, Zhao J, Bouchard LS, Xia L, Zhou X, “Damaged lung gas-exchange function of discharged COVID-19 patients detected by hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI”, Science Advances 20 Nov 2020: eabc8180 DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abc8180
  • Hasani-Sadrabadi MM, Majedi FS, Miller ML, Thauland TJ, Bouchard LS, Li S and Butte MJ, “Augmenting T-cell responses to tumors by in situ nanomanufacturing”, Materials Horizons 7, 3028-3033 (2020) Download
  • Kaltschnee L, Jagtap AP, McCormick J, Wagner S, Bouchard LS, Utz M, Griesinger C, Glöggler S, “Hyperpolarization of Amino Acids in Water Utilizing Parahydrogen on a Rhodium Nanocatalyst”, Chemistry: A Europeau Journal 25, 11031-11035 (2019) Download
  • Youssef K, Cai Y, Schuette G, Zhang D, Huang Y, Rahmat-Samii Y, Bouchard LS, “Scalable End-to-End Radar Classification: A Case Study on Undersized Dataset Regularization by Convolutional-MST”, IEEE Antenna Magazine (submitted). arXiv:2104.12103 [eess.SP] Download
  • Koumoulis D, Fang L, Chung DY, Kanatzidis MG, Bouchard LS, “Evolution of nontrivial Fermi surface features in the band structures of the homologous members Pb5Bi6Se14 and Pb5Bi12Se23”, Phys. Rev. B101, 115309 (2020) Download
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