Program Overview:

The UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry has partnered with the West Coast University (WCU) School of Pharmacy to create a PharmD Linkage Program that is designed specifically for our students/alumni who are interested in obtaining their PharmD degree at WCU School of Pharmacy.

WCU is among the first pharmacy schools in the nation to introduce an accelerated hybrid curriculum, enabling students to earn their degree in less than three years. The Doctor of Pharmacy program at WCU is designed to equip students for the opportunities and challenges in today’s pharmacy field. This is achieved through a blend of classroom learning, in-person clinical practice, and community outreach activities including wellness fairs and immunization clinics.

Program Benefits:

Students accepted into the PharmD Linkage Program are guaranteed a matriculation interview for the WCU PharmD program. Program participants will also have the opportunity to interact with WCU School of Pharmacy faculty and students and will be invited to campus events/tours.

How to Apply:

Interested students should submit a completed PharmCAS application to WCU School of Pharmacy by June 1st  of the year prior to their anticipated matriculation.

WCU PharmD Admission Requirements:

Students in the UCLA-WCU PharmD Linkage Program must meet the following requirements for final admission into the WCU PharmD program:

  • All prerequisite courses completed by the end of the Spring term prior to matriculation.
  • 2.5 minimum cumulative GPA.
  • 2.5 minimum Math/Science GPA.
  • Two letters of recommendation:
    • One letter from a math/science professor.
    • One letter from a pharmacist (supervisor), employer (supervisor), healthcare professional (supervisor), math/science professor, or liberal arts professor.
  • All candidates shall complete a contemporaneous essay at the time of the PharmD admission interview and must pass the admission interview at a satisfactory level.

WCU School of Pharmacy will provide admissions counseling to students interested in the PharmD program. For specific questions, please email