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Spatiotemporal Control of Chemistry and Biology Enabled by Electrochemistry and Nanomaterials

Inorganic Chemistry, Seminars

September 30, 2020 4:00 pm
Where Zoom
Speaker Prof. Chong Liu


Abstract: Electrochemical nanomaterial has witnessed its extensive applications in catalysis, energy storage, and conversion. So what are the new frontiers for electrochemistry and nanomaterials? Can we discover new synergies of electrochemical nanomaterials with research disciplines that were not often considered before? Because electrochemical nanomaterials spatiotemporally transform chemical species and control their concentration profiles at a microscopic scale, we envision electrochemistry at nanoscale a viable tool to transduce electronic signals into non-equilibrium systems with spatiotemporal gradients of free energy µ(t,r) and entropy S(t,r). This talk will offer the research demonstrated so far in the Liu group that includes the spatiotemporal control in chemical catalysis and microbiology, given the ubiquity of non-equilibrium systems in chemistry and biology.

Prof. Chong Liu

Inorganic Chemistry, Seminars

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry