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Biochemistry Seminar Series – Prof. Zhipeng Lu

Biochemistry, Seminars

February 3, 2023 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Mani L. Bhaumik Centennial Collaboratory
607 Charles E. Young Dr., East
Los Angeles, CA 90095 United States


Flyer: Zhipeng Lu Flyer

Title: What does RNA look like in cells? Structures, interactions and modifications.

Abstract: RNA in living cells are in constant motion, form dynamic structures, and interact with many molecules, including other RNAs. Direct determination of RNA structures and interactions in vivo is essential to understanding their functions, and developing new RNA-based and RNA-targeting therapeutics, but has been challenging in the past. We developed a number of novel chemical and computational tools to capture the 2D and 3D RNA structurome and interactome in cells, providing a comprehensive view of RNA conformations that underlie their roles in gene regulation and human diseases. In particular, our recent applications of these methods revealed new mechanisms in lncRNA functions and RNA modifications.