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What are the school and department codes for the GRE exam?

  • GRE UCLA code: R4837
  • Chemistry department: 0301
  • Biochemistry department: 0202

What are the TOEFL or IELTS codes and minimum scores?

Students who are required to take the TOEFL must have a minimum cumulative score of 87 and a minimum speaking score of 24. If you choose to take the IELTS, your overall IELTS band score must be 7.0 or higher. The department requires a minimum IELTS speaking score of 7.0. Ask IELTS to send your scores to the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and the Graduate Division. To see if you need to take the TOEFL or IELTS, visit: TOEFL Institution Code: 4837 TOEFL Chemistry department: 62 TOEFL Biochemistry department: 34 Official scores should be sent directly from ETS.

What is the average GPA of accepted students?

The mean GPA ranged from 3.45 – 3.80 on a 4.0 scale between 2014-2018 for admitted Chemistry and BMSB applicants.

Do you have a minimum GPA?

UCLA’s Graduate Division requires that students have an overall scholastic average of B (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) or better. If your GPA is below a B average, you may provide an explanation and it is possible for the department to request an exception.

Do you have a minimum GRE score? What is the average GRE score of accepted students?

We do not have a minimum GRE score. The average GRE Quantitative Percentile score of accepted students is in the 80-85% range.

Is the GRE subject exam required?

The subject exam is required for all international applicants applying to the Chemistry program, but not BMSB applicants. For Chemistry applicants, the GRE general exam is required for all Chemistry applicants. For BMSB applicants, the GRE general exam is optional for domestic applicants and required for international applicants.

Can the application fee be waived?

Applicants can obtain a fee waiver if they currently receive need-based financial aid and submit a statement from their Financial Aid office confirming that they are

  1. currently enrolled
  2. receive need-based financial aid
  3. state that the application fee would pose a financial hardship on the student.

If you qualify for a need-based fee waiver, select Fee Waiver in the application and upload the statement from your Financial Aid office.

Applicants are also eligible for a fee waiver if they participated in any of these summer programs:

  • California Alliance for Minority Participation (CAMP)
  • California State University (CSU) Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholars Program
  • Florida A&M University Graduate Feeder Scholars Program (FAMU GFSP)
  • Gates Millennium Scholars
  • Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP)
  • McNair Scholars
  • Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC)
  • Minority Biomedical Research Support (MBRS)
  • Medical Scientist Training Program UCLA (MSTP)
  • Research Initiative for Science Enhancement (MBRS RISE)
  • Summer Programs for Undergraduate Research (SPUR)
  • UC-HBCU Initiative
  • UC Leadership through Advanced Degrees (UC LEADS)

More information about fee waivers can be found here:

What are the acceptance rates of the Chemistry and Biochemistry programs?

The Chemistry and Biochemistry department receives about 700 applications each year. We receive more qualified applicants than can be admitted. The number of applicants offered admission depends on our annual admission allotments.

Does the department offer a Master of Science degree?

While UCLA Chemistry and Biochemistry department does not offer a traditional Master’s degree program, we offer a Master’s degree focused on Applied Chemistry. For more information, please see:

Is a writing sample required?

No, a writing sample is not required. If the system continues to prompt you to upload a writing sample, you may upload a document that states “not required”.

Is a statement of purpose required?

Yes, a statement of purpose is required for all applicants.

Is a personal history statement required?

A personal history statement is only required for applicants who are also applying for one of the Graduate Division fellowships, such as Cota Robles. For more information about these fellowships, visit:

I will take my GRE or TOEFL/IELTS exam before the deadline but I am concerned by official test scores will not arrive by the application deadline. Will I still be considered?

Please self-report your test scores on the application and upload an unofficial copy if you have one. We will accept official scores after the deadline to ensure that your official scores match what you reported.

Do you need my transcripts?

Applicants should upload unofficial copies of their transcripts to the online application portal. If you attended multiple institutions, you only need to upload the transcript from where your degree was or will be awarded (including a Master’s). We only require official transcripts from students who are admitted, therefore you may wait for an admission decision before requesting that your official transcripts be sent to our department. We will only accept official transcripts mailed or emailed directly from your institution (i.e. not from the applicant).

International applicants

International applicants who attended an institution where English is not the primary spoken language and is not the medium of instruction must request a copy in English and a copy in the language of instruction.
If you are an international applicant from an English speaking country (such as Canada, Australia, Barbados, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, United Kingdom) and the language of instruction is English, you do not need to request two copies. International applicants need to also request that their diploma and certificate be mailed to us if you already graduated.

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