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Jeffrey I. Zink Inorganic Chemistry Seminar Series – Prof. Lane Baker

Divisional Seminars, Inorganic

May 15, 2024 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Flyer: Prof. Lane Baker Flyer

Title: Expanding the Electrochemical Toolbox: A Story in Two Parts

Abstract: Advances in electrochemistry, and in particular electroanalytical chemistry, are driven by advances in tools and methods to perform electrochemical measurements. In this talk, I will present two vignettes into very different tools we have developed recently for electrochemical measurements. The first vignette consists of an electrochemical array we have developed that allows scalable high-throughput electrochemistry in a conventional 96-well format, a tool we colloquially call “Legion”. The operation and performance of Legion, along with applications towards materials synthesis and electro-organic chemistry will be highlighted. In a second vignette, recent advances in a new scanning electrochemical microscopy platform will be described. The approach, fast-scan cyclic voltammetry – scanning electrochemical microscopy – scanning ion conductance microscopy (FSCV-SECM-SICM) makes use of precision fabricated carbon electrodes and an adaptable programming platform for imaging control. The general operation and performance of the instrument will be described, along with applications in imaging of neurotransmitter release from primary cultured neurons.