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Jeffrey I. Zink Inorganic Chemistry Seminar Series – Prof. Aleksandr Zhukhovitskiy

Divisional Seminars, Inorganic

May 8, 2024 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Flyer:Prof. Alex Zhukhovitskiy Flyer

Title: Advancing Inorganic Methods for Polymer Synthesis, Modification, and Degradation

Abstract: The polymer backbone is fundamental to the polymer’s identity and properties. My seminar will focus on the development of metathesis mechanisms to access heteroatom-rich polymer backbones, new editing tools to transform existing polymer backbones into different ones, and both strategies and tactics to depolymerize commodity polymeric materials into valuable small molecules. Specifically, I will discuss iridium-guanidinate catalyzed ring-opening metathesis of cyclic carbodiimides and the current directions toward diazene metathesis, as well as an array of transformations—including C-H amination using sulfur-based reagents—applied to edit the backbones of polymers. Besides the focus on polymer backbones, retrosynthetic logic applied to polymeric materials will be another common thread woven throughout this seminar, as it is a central element of the research in the Zhukhovitskiy group.