Levine, Raphael D.



Detailed biographies have recently been published in Molecular Physics, volume 106 issue #2 (2008) and in the Israel Journal of Chemistry, volume 47, issue #1 (2007). An older biography can be found in the Journal of Physical Chemistry, volume 102, issue #47 (1998).

Research Interests

  • Chemistry under extreme conditions
  • Chemistry on multi electronic states
  • Ab initio reaction dynamics
  • Dynamics of high Rydberg states
  • Dynamics and spectroscopy in congested level systems
  • Reaction dynamics and mechanism in large systems including clusters and in solution
  • Algebraic techniques for structure and dynamics in anharmonic systems
  • Dynamics in phase space, including the application of information theory

Honors & Awards

  • A member of Academia Europaea
  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • American Philosophical Society
  • International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science
  • Israel Academy of Sciences & Humanities
  • Max Planck Society
  • Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
  • US National Academy of Sciences.
  • Alfred P. Sloan Fellow
  • The Max Planck Prize for International Cooperation
  • The Herbert Newby McCoy Award from UCLA

Dr. Levine has honorary degrees from the Technische Universität München and from Liege University. He has been the Miller Research Professor at UC Berkeley, the A D While Professor at Large at Cornell and the Max Born Professor of Natural Philosophy at the Hebrew University. He has received the Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Representative Publications