Deifel, Nicholas P.

Short Biography

Dr. Deifel teaches General Chemistry lectures (CHEM 20A) for the department. Dr. Deifel brings over a decade of teaching expertise in general, organic, and inorganic chemistry to the department. He welcomes undergraduate and graduate students to stop by his office with questions about any discipline of chemistry.

Representative Publications

  • R.G. Surbella III, L. C. Ducati, J. Autschbach, N. P. Deifel, C. L. Cahill, “Thermochromic uranyl isothiocyanates: Influencing charge transfer bands with supramolecular structure.”Inorg. Chem.
  • C. L. Cahill, N. P. Deifel, D. Reusser, L. Zhang, and A. Navrotsky, “Thermochemical properties of U(VI) hybrid materials containing uranyl tetrachloride anions” J. Chem. Thermodyn.
  • P. R Bartholomew, F. Mancini, G.E Harlow, N.P. Deifel, C. L. Cahill, and H.J. Bernhardt, “Greenwoodite, A New Nesosilicate from British Columbia with a Ba-VOH Coupled Substitution and Tetrahedral Fe: Description and Structure” Can. Min.
  • G. K. Liu, N.P. Deifel, C. L. Cahill, V.V Zhurov, A.A Pinkerton, “Charge Transfer Vibronic Transitions in Tetrachloride Uranyl Compounds” J. Phys. Chem. A.
  • N. P. Deifel, C. L. Cahill, “Combining coordination and supramolecular chemistry for the formation of uranyl-organic hybrid materials” Chem. Commun.
  • N. P. Deifel, C. L. Cahill, “Supramolecular chemistry with uranyl tetrahalide ([UO2X4]2-) anions” Comptes rendus Chimie.
  • N. P. Deifel, E. Cherney, D. A. Huntand B. C. Chan, “1-Methyl-4H-3,1-benzoxazine-2,4(1H)dione” Acta Crystallogr., Sect. E.
  • N. P. Deifel, C. L. Cahill, “The uranyl tetrachloride anion as a tecton in the assembly of U(VI) hybrid materials” CrystEngComm.
  • N. P. Deifel, K.T. Holman, C. L. Cahill, “PF6– Hydrolysis as a route to unique uranium phosphate materials” ChemComm, 6037-6038.