Chemistry Graduate Program

UCLA Chemistry PhD Program

UCLA Chemistry has a long history of successful and innovative chemistry research. Our basic research impacts and has far reaching consequences in the fields of medicine, energy, energy storage, electronics, and computer industry.

Master's Program

PhD Program

Chemistry PhD Program Areas of Specialization

Analytical Chemistry Research

Become an expert in single-molecule detection, scanning probe and super-resolution microscopies, NMR imaging, and probe matter at the molecular level.

Biophysics Research

Research in biophysics is truly an interdisciplinary mix of molecular biology, biochemistry, physical chemistry, nanotechnology, and materials, to name a few.

Chemical Biology Research

Chemical biology researchers identify problems in proteomics, genomics, metabolomics, systems biology, medicine and the brain and utilize small molecules, polymers, and computation to help solve them.

Inorganic Chemistry Research

Inorganic Chemistry research applications impacts our every day life - medicine,energy, materials, and more.

Materials and Nanoscience Research

Materials and Nanoscience research sits at the forefront of 21st century chemistry, and develops a staggering range of new materials and electronic devices.

Organic Chemistry Research

Organic Chemistry research studies the structure and properties of carbon-based systems and synthesizes new drugs and materials. The applications of this field is truly diverse.

Physical Chemistry Research

Physical Chemistry addresses the fundamentals of quantum and statistical mechanical properties of all states of matter, materials, and basic biological processes.

Theory and Computation Research

Theory and Computation provide the foundation and modeling methods for chemical phenomena from physics to biology.

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Biophysics Research Faculty

Chemical Biology Research Faculty

Inorganic Chemistry Research Faculty

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Organic Chemistry Research Faculty

Physical Chemistry Research Faculty

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