Transitioning Organic Synthesis to a Water World. Faster, Better, Cheaper & Environmentally Responsible Chemistry

Seminar series
Organic Colloquium
Thu, Mar 7 4:00pm
CS 76
Speaker Prof. Bruce Lipshutz
UC Santa Barbara
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Modern organic chemistry, and synthesis in particular, as currently practiced is not sustainable. Hence, new technologies that address several important, representative reactions from both the synthetic and environmental perspectives will be presented, as illustrated below. Each is enabled using a tailor-made, environmentally benign surfactant such as TPGS-750-M, that self-aggregates into nanoreactors of the proper size and shape. Reactions all take place in water under mild conditions, typically between rt and 45 °C. For transition metal catalyzed processes, especially those involving precious and endangered metals such as Pd, catalysts that function at the ppm level of the metal have been developed and will be presented.