Special Organic Seminar: New Palladium-Catalyzed C-H Functionalization Strategies for Organic Synthesis

Seminar series
Organic Colloquium
Tue, Oct 8 1:00pm
2033 Young Hall
Speaker Professor Gong Chen
Pennsylvania State University
Department of Chemistry

Special Organic Seminar

"New Palladium-Catalyzed C-H Functionalization Strategies for Organic Synthesis"

Abstract.  Dr. Chen will present the latest progress in developing new synthetic methodologies based on palladium-catalyzed functionalization of carbon-hydrogen (C−H) bonds from his laboratory.  His lab is interested in addressing some of the most challenging issues in the C−H functionalization field: the functionalization of unactivated sp3 hybridized C−H bonds, the development of synthetically useful C−H functionalization protocols, the application of these methods to difficult synthesis problems, and the exploitation of these methods in the synthesis of complex natural products.  Specifically, his talk will be focused on the development and synthetic application of a series of picolinamide-directed palladium-catalyzed functionalization of C−H bonds at remote positions.