Special Organic Seminar and Theory and Computation Colloquium

Seminar series
Organic Colloquium
Mon, Jul 29 3:00pm
Cram Conference Room – 3440 Mol Sci
Speaker Professor Robert S. Paton
University of Oxford
Department of Chemistry

Special Organic Seminar and Theory and Computation Colloquium

“Probing the Mechanism and Selectivity of Hydrogen-Bond Catalysis through Computations"

Robert Paton is a University Lecturer in Organic Chemistry at the University of Oxford and Tutorial Fellow at St Hilda's College, Oxford. After undergraduate studies in Natural Sciences at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, he obtained his PhD in 2008 with Dr. Jonathan Goodman at the University of Cambridge developing models to predict stereochemical outcome in C-C bond forming reactions. He then moved to St Catharine's College, Cambridge to take up a Junior Research Fellowship.

            As a Distinguished AstraZeneca-Fulbright Research Scholar and as a Science Fellow of the Royal Commission of the Exhibition of 1851, Rob has conducted postdoctoral research with Professor Feliu Maseras, Institute of Chemistry of Catalonia and with Professor Ken Houk, University of California, Los Angeles. In 2010 Rob was appointed to a University Lectureship in Organic Chemistry at Oxford.