Physical Chemistry Student Seminar: Sayoni Ray

Thu, Nov 1 12:00pm
Young Hall 2033
Speaker Sayoni Ray


Cancer Nano-Theranostics with High Contrast MRI

One of the holy grails in cancer therapy is to simultaneously image and deliver drugs to the tumor site. The first two parts of my talk would develop new ideas in cancer theranostics and the third part is about the development of a novel contrast agent for risk-free imaging of the tumor. In the first part of the talk, I shall discuss the development of a liposome-based cargo delivery strategy that can simultaneously monitor alternating magnetic field–induced drug release by observing the change in MRI relaxation parameter R1, and the location and condition of liposomal site (such as tumor) from MRI parameter R2. However, the loading of a contrast agent in liposome generally results in poor contrast and suffers from various artifacts in in vivo experiments, compared to the use of free contrast agent. The second part of my work demonstrates the effective filtering of artifacts and contrast enhancement to obtain high quality sensitive imaging of the tumor site in mouse model using paramagnetic liposome, a novel pulsing sequence in active-feedback MRI and robust data analysis. The last part of my work is about using a self-replicating viral-RNA molecule derived from Nodamura, an insect virus, to express and amplify ferritin, leading to increased iron content of the cells in the form of ferrihydrite that acts as a  novel contrast agent. In summary, my thesis is about the development of cancer theranostics and a novel contrast agent.