Development and Applications of New Synthetic Strategies for Polymer Science: Prof. Brett Fors

Seminar series
Inorganic Chemistry
Wed, Feb 13 4:30pm
3440 Mol Sci
Speaker Prof. Brett Fors
Cornell University
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Development and Applications of New Synthetic Strategies for Polymer Science

Abstract: Synthetic polymers are significant importance in all aspects of modern life, and during the last few decades, these materials have facilitated major societal advances. Innovative polymeric materials have the potential to address humankind’s next grand scientific and technological challenges; however, taking advantage of the opportunities presented by these materials requires new methods for gaining precise control of polymer structure and function. To address this challenge, our research group focuses on the development of new synthetic methods and catalyst systems to control polymer architecture, composition, and function to yield next-generation materials. Specifically, this presentation will detail (1) the development of cationic polymerization reactions where polymer chain growth and sequence are regulated with external stimuli and (2) a modular strategy to dictate the shape and composition of polymer molecular weight distribution to precisely control properties.