Design of Reprogrammed and New Functions - From Proteins to Cells

Seminar series
Fri, Jan 30 3:30pm
3440 Molecular Sciences Building
Speaker Professor Tanja Kortemme
Department of Bioengineering & Therapeutic Sciences
University of California, San Francisco

Abstract: Designer proteins with new biological functions have tremendous practical importance; they can also enable us to ask questions about the design principles of function and fitness in new ways.  Emerging advances in computational methods to design proteins are beginning to enable exciting applications of engineered functions not seen in nature.  I will describe our recent progress on computational design of sensor/actuators that can detect and respond to small molecules in living cells, and on reengineering protein machines that can be controlled by specific external inputs such as light.

Winter 2015 - Chem 268 - Biochemistry Seminar Series

Host: Nathan Lubock, Graduate Student, Kosuri Group,, 825-8931.                     

For more information about the Chem 268 Seminar Series, please contact Penny Jennings,, 310-825-7071.