Chem 278: Prof. Michael T. Yeung

Seminar series
Inorganic Chemistry
Wed, Dec 9 4:30pm
Via Zoom
Speaker Prof. Michael T. Yeung
University at Albany
Department of Chemistry


 “Metallic and Covalent Bonding in Materials: Role in Properties, Structure, and Stability”


 Abstract: The search for new ultraincompressible, superhard materials has been performed largely through trial and error. Despite the difficulties in synthesizing such materials, interest in this field has blossomed with recent experimental and theoretical results. Such progress has led to the development of superhard metal borides, ultraincompressible nitrides, and strong carbides. By studying the origin of strength from previously discovered ultraincompressible, hard materials, we hope to gain new insight into this rapidly growing field. In particular, we propose a focus on bonding and microstructure to understand why some materials are ultraincompressible and superhard.