CANCELLED M. Frederick Hawthorne Lecture

Seminar series
Inorganic Chemistry
Wed, May 13 4:00pm
Boyer 159
Speaker Luisa De Cola
Université de Strasbourg
Department of Chemistry

Hybrid (nano) materials for biomedical applications

Despite the substantial progress that has been made in biomaterials synthesis and functionalization, the challenge to develop injectable hydrogel with delivery properties is still mostly unmet. 

Towards this aim, we reported novel biocompatible hydrogels that are formed in physiological conditions,  and can be injected using non-invasive surgery in different part of the animal body. The materials contain breakable particles, able to respond to an external stimulus, and to release on demand drugs but also large biomolecules such as enzymes and proteins. 

The hydrogels that contain such nanoparticles are perfectly biocompatible and can be made degradable. Cells are able to populate and proliferate in the matrices and even stem cells are able to grow and differentiate. We have demonstrated that indeed the biocompatibility of the systems is very high and we have started to use them in different applications such as wound repair, as support for tumor resection and more recently for fistula filler.

At the end of the presentation I wish to briefly discuss the possibility to form artificial virus capsides that can be made using the same proteins of the original virus capside, but where the morphology and stability can be tuned and monitored through the use of artificial responsive templates.