Recent Publications

Below are recent notable publications by Chemistry & Biochemistry faculty members and their groups (May 2020 to present)

Oct 11 | Nanoengineered Antiviral Fibrous Arrays with Rose-Thorn-Inspired Architectures - ACS Materials Lett. Amir Nasajpour, Mohamadmahdi Samandari, Chandrashekhar D. Patil, Reza Abolhassani, Rahul K. Suryawanshi, Rainer Adelung, Horst-Günter Rubahn, Ali Khademhosseini, Yogendra Kumar Mishra, Deepak Shukla, Ali Tamayol, and Paul S. Weiss*.  This publication was highlighted in Nanowerk.
Sept 27 | A shared mechanistic pathway for pyridoxal phosphate–dependent arginine oxidasesProc. Natl. Acad. Elesha R. Hoffarth,  Kersti Caddell Haatveit,  Eugene Kuatsjah,  Gregory A. MacNeil,  Simran Saroya,  Charles J. Walsby,  Lindsay D. Eltis, K. N. Houk*,  Marc Garcia-Borràs, and  Katherine S. Ryan.
Sept 24 | Breaking a dative bond with mechanical forcesNat. Commun. Pengcheng Chen, Dingxin Fan, Yunlong Zhang, Annabella Selloni, Emily A. Carter*, Craig B. Arnold, David C. Dankworth, Steven P. Rucker, James R. Chelikowsky & Nan Yao.
Sept 20 | Profilin and Mical combine to impair F-actin assembly and promote disassembly and remodeling - Nature Comm. Elena E. Grintsevich, Giasuddin Ahmed, Anush A. Ginosyan, Heng Wu, Shannon K. Rich, Emil Reisler* & Jonathan R. Terman.
Sept 20 | Methods for the Extraction of Heme Prosthetic Groups from HemoproteinsBioProtoc. Kat Ellis-Guardiola, Kat Ellis-Guardiola, Jess Soule, Jess Soule, Robert T. Clubb*. 
Sept 20 | Ni/Photoredox-Catalyzed Enantioselective Cross-Electrophile Coupling of Styrene Oxides with Aryl IodidesJ. Am. Chem. Soc. Sii Hong Lau, Meredith A. Borden, Talia J. Steiman, Lucy S. Wang, Marvin Parasram, and Abigail G. Doyle*. 
Sept 20 | Organic Semiconductor Single Crystals for X-ray ImagingAdv. Mater. Mingxi Chen, Lingjie Sun, Xiangyu Ou, Huanghao Yang, Xiaogang Liu, Huanli Dong, Wenping Hu, Xiangfeng Duan*.
Sept 17 | Silver nanoparticles boost charge-extraction efficiency in Shewanella microbial fuel cellsScience. Bocheng Cao, Zipeng Zhao, Lele Peng, Hui-Ying Shiu, Mengning Ding, Frank Song, Xun Guan, Calvin K. Lee, Jin Huang, Dan Zhu, Xiaoyang Fu, Gerard C. L. Wong*, Chong Liu*, Kenneth Nealson, Paul S. Weiss*, Xiangfeng Duan*, and Yu Huang. Click here to read article about the research. 
Sept 16 | The expanding amyloid family: Structure, stability, function, and pathogenesis [Review] – Cell. Michael R. Sawaya, Michael P. Hughes, Jose A. Rodriguez*, Roland Riek, David S. Eisenberg*.
Sept 14 | Responsive Nanoparticles to Enable a Focused Ultrasound-Stimulated Magnetic Resonance Imaging SpotlightACS Nano. Tian Deng, Le Zhang, Xinzhou Li, Jeffrey I. Zink*, and Holden H. Wu.
Sept 14 | Experimental Perspectives on Direct Visualization of Endosomal RuptureChemBioChem. Rachael A. Day, Ellen M. Sletten*.
Sept 13 | Cryo-EM structures of hIAPP fibrils seeded by patient-extracted fibrils reveal new polymorphs and conserved fibril coresNat. Struct. Mol. Biol. Qin Cao, David R. Boyer, Michael R. Sawaya, Romany Abskharon, Lorena Saelices, Binh A. Nguyen, Jiahui Lu, Kevin A. Murray, Fouad Kandeel & David S. Eisenberg*.
Sept 13 | Nanoscale Extracellular Vesicles Carry the Mechanobiology Signatures of Breast Cancer CellsACS Nano. Michael LeClaire, James A. Wohlschlegel, Helena Chang, Madhuri Wadehra, Weibo Yu, JianYu Rao, David Elashoff, James K. Gimzewski*, and Shivani Sharm.
Sept 12 | Total Syntheses of (+)-Peniciketals A-B and (−)-Diocollettines A Exploiting a Photoisomerization/Cyclization Union ProtocolJ. Org. Chem. Yifan Deng, Yike Zou, Chia-Ping H. Yang, K. N. Houk*, and Amos B. Smith III.
Sept 10 | Ambiphilic Reactivity of Vinyl Pd-Oxyallyl for Expeditious Construction of Highly Functionalized Cyclooctanoids - Org. Lett. Linhong Zuo, Pengchen Ma, Teng Liu, Xiangyang Chen, Robert H. Lavroff, Wei-Peng Chen, K. N. Houk*, and Wusheng Guo.
Sept 10 | Controlling the surface charge of simple viruses - PLos ONE. Duran-Meza, A. L.; Villagrana-Escareño, M. V.; Ruiz-García, J.; Knobler,* C. M.; Gelbart*. 
Sept 9 | Cryo-EM structures of hIAPP fibrils seeded by patient-extracted fibrils reveal new polymorphs and conserved fibril coresNat. Struct. Mol. Biol. Qin Cao, David R. Boyer, Michael R. Sawaya, Romany Abskharon, Lorena Saelices, Binh A. Nguyen, Jiahui Lu, Kevin A. Murray, Fouad Kandeel & David S. Eisenberg*. 
Sept 9 | Colloidal magnesium hydroxide Nanoflake: One-Step Surfactant-Assisted preparation and Paper-Based relics protection with Long-Term Anti-Acidification and Flame-Retardancy - J. Colloid Interace Sci. Sinong Wang, Xue Yang, Yihan Li, Boxu Gao, Shanshan Jin, Rong Yu, Yahong Zhang, Yi Tang*. 
Sept 8 | Genetic screening reveals phospholipid metabolism as a key regulator of the biosynthesis of the redox-active lipid coenzyme QRedox Biology. Anita Ayer, Daniel J. Fazakerley, Cacang Suarna, Ghassan J. Maghzal, Diba Sheipouri, Kevin J. Lee, Michelle C. Bradley, Lucía Fernández-del-Rio, Sergey Tumanov, Stephanie MY. Kong, Jelske N. van der Veen, Andrian Yang, Joshua W.K. Ho, Steven G. Clarke*, David E. James, Ian W. Dawes, Dennis E. Vance, Catherine F. Clarke*, René L. Jacobs, Roland Stocker.
Sept 6 | Mr. Inorganic Chemistry: M. Frederick Hawthorne (August 24, 1928–July 8, 2021) - Inorganic Chemistry. William B. Tolman, William Evans, and Alexander M. Spokoyny*. 
Sept 5 | Brownian lithographic polymers of steric lock-and-key colloidal linkages - Science Advances. Tianren Yu, Thomas G. Mason*.  Read article about the research here.
Sept 5 | Two-dimensional van der Waals thin film transistors as active matrix for spatially resolved pressure sensing – Nano Res. Chao Ma, Dong Xu, Peiqi Wang, Zhaoyang Lin, Jingyuan Zhou, Chuancheng Jia, Jin Huang, Shengtao Li, Yu Huang & Xiangfeng Duan*.
Sept 3 | Unveiling the full reaction path of the Suzuki–Miyaura cross-coupling in a single-molecule junctionNat. Nanotechnol. Chen Yang, Lei Zhang, Chenxi Lu, Shuyao Zhou, Xingxing Li, Yanwei Li, Yang Yang, Yu Li, Zhirong Liu, Jinlong Yang, K. N. Houk*, Fanyang Mo & Xuefeng Guo.
Sept 3 | Computations on Pericyclic Reactions Reveal the Richness of Ambimodal Transition States and PericyclasesIsr. J. Chem.  K. N. Houk*,Xiao-Song Xue, Fang Liu, Yu Chen, Xiangyang Chen, Cooper Jamieson.
Sept 3 | Machine Learning to Predict Diels–Alder Reaction Barriers from the Reactant State Electron Density - J. Chem. Theory Comput. Santiago Vargas, Matthew R. Hennefarth, Zhihao Liu, and Anastassia N. Alexandrova*.
Sept 2 | Facile generation of bridged medium-sized polycyclic systems by rhodium-catalysed intramolecular (3+2) dipolar cycloadditionsNat. Commun. Bao-Long Hou, Jonathan J. Wong, Na Lv, Yong-Qiang Wang, K. N. Houk* & Chuang-Chuang Li.
Sept 2 | Nucleophilic Phosphine Catalysis: The Untold Story [Review] – Asian J. Org. Chem. San Khong, Telugu Venkatesh, Ohyun Kwon*.
Sept 2 | van der Waals superlattices - National Science Review. Huaying Ren, Zhong Wan, Xiangfeng Duan*. 
Sept 1 | Origin of Increased Reactivity in Rhenium-Mediated Cycloadditions of Tetrazines - The Journal of Organic Chemistry. Aneta Turlik, K. N. Houk* and Dennis Svatunek. 
Aug 27 | Efficient synthesis of isoindolones by intramolecular cyclisation of pyridinylbenzoic acidsOrg. Biomol. Chem. Atena B. Solea, Sining Wang, Xiao-Song Xue, Aurelien Crochet, Katharina M. Fromm, Kendall N. Houk*, Olimpia Mamula and Christophe Allemann.
Aug 26 | Coupled Effects of Temperature, Pressure, and pH on Water Oxidation Thermodynamics and KineticsACS Catal. Ananth Govind Rajan, John Mark P. Martirez, and Emily A. Carter*.
Aug 25 | CANVS: an easy-to-use application for the analysis and visualization of mass spectrometry-based protein-protein interaction/association data - Molecular Biology of the Cell. Erick F. Velasquez, Yenni A. Garcia, Ivan Ramirez, Ankur A. Gholkar, and Jorge Z. Torres*. 
Aug 24 | Identification of active catalysts for the acceptorless dehydrogenation of alcohols to carbonyls - Nature Communication. Tao Wang, Jin Sha, Maarten Sabbe, Philippe Sautet*, Marc Pera-Titus & Carine Michel. 
Aug 24 | A bio-inspired cell-free system for cannabinoid production from inexpensive inputs - Nature Chemical Biology. Meaghan A. Valliere, Tyler P. Korman, Mark A. Arbing & James U. Bowie. 
Aug 24 - Highly Basic Clusters in the Herpes Simplex Virus 1 Nuclear Egress Complex Drive Membrane Budding by Inducing Lipid OrderingmBio. Michael K. Thorsen, Alex Lai, Michelle W. Lee, David P. Hoogerheide, Gerard C. L. Wong*, Jack H. Freed, and Ekaterina E. Heldwein.
Aug 24 | Chiral Nanostructures: New Twists - ACS Nano. Nicholas A. Kotov, Luis M. Liz-Marzán, and Paul S. Weiss*. 
Aug 20 | High-Titer Production of Olivetolic Acid and Analogs in Engineered Fungal Host Using a Nonplant Biosynthetic PathwayACS Synth. Biol. Ikechukwu C. Okorafor, Mengbin Chen, and Yi Tang*.
Aug 20 | Probing Catalyst Speciation in Pd-MPAAM-Catalyzed Enantioselective C(sp3)–H Arylation: Catalyst Improvement via Destabilization of Off-Cycle SpeciesACS Catal. Wei Hao, Katherine L. Bay, Caleb F. Harris, Daniel S. King, Ilia A. Guzei, Michael M. Aristov, Zhe Zhuang, R. Erik Plata, David E. Hill, K. N. Houk*, John F. Berry, Jin-Quan Yu, and Donna G. Blackmond.
Aug 19 | Photoaffinity labelling strategies for mapping the small molecule–protein interactome [Review] – Org. Biomol. Chem. Nikolas R. Burton, Phillip Kim, and Keriann M. Backus*.
Aug 19 - Convergence of a Reconstructed Density Matrix to a Pure State Using the Maximal Entropy ApproachJ. Phys. Chem. A. Rishabh Gupta, Raphael D. Levine*, and Sabre Kais. 
Aug 19 | Stretchable and Bioadhesive Gelatin Methacryloyl-Based Hydrogels Enabled by in Situ Dopamine Polymerization - ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. Hossein Montazerian, Avijit Baidya, Reihaneh Haghniaz, Elham Davoodi, Samad Ahadian, Nasim Annabi, Ali Khademhosseini, and Paul S. Weiss*. 
Aug 17 - Contrasting Effects of Inhibitors Li+ and Be2+ on Catalytic Cycle of Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3β - J. Phys. Chem. B. David J. Reilley, Zaher Arraf, and Anastassia N. Alexandrova*.
Aug 16 - Factors Governing Oxygen Vacancy Formation in Oxide PerovskitesJ. Am. Chem. Soc. Robert B. Wexler, Gopalakrishnan Sai Gautam, Ellen B. Stechel, and Emily A. Carter*.
Aug 13 - Revising Manuscripts: Trying to Make Everyone HappyJ. Phys. Chem. B - Anastassia N. Alexandrova* and Gregory V. Hartland.
Aug 12 | Organocatalytic enantioselective dearomatization of thiophenes by 1,10-conjugate addition of indole imine methidesNat. Commun. Xingguang Li, Meng Duan, Peiyuan Yu, K. N. Houk* & Jianwei Sun.
Aug 10 | Stereoselective Installation of Five Contiguous Stereogenic Centers in a Double Aldol–Tishchenko Cascade and Evaluation of the Key Transition State through DFT Calculation - Org. Lett. Pamela Mackey, Aneta Turlik, Kaori Ando, Mark E. Light, K. N. Houk*, and Gerard P. McGlacken. 
Aug 6 | Li+ and Oxidant Addition To Control Ionic and Electronic Conduction in Ionic Liquid-Functionalized Conjugated Polymers - Chemistry of Materials. Dakota Rawlings, Dongwook Lee, Jeongmin Kim, Ioan-Bogdan Magdău, Gordon Pace, Peter M. Richardson, Elayne M. Thomas, Scott P. O. Danielsen, Sarah H. Tolbert*, Thomas F. Miller III, Ram Seshadri, and Rachel A. Segalman. 
Aug 6 | Transparent silica aerogel slabs synthesized from nanoparticle colloidal suspensions at near ambient conditions on omniphobic liquid substrates - Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. Michal Marszewski, Sophia C. King, Tiphaine Galy, Glareh N. Kashanchi, Ali Dashti, Yan Yan, Man Li, Danielle M. Butts, Patricia E. McNeil, Esther Lan, Bruce Dunn, Yongjie Hu, Sarah H. Tolbert*, Laurent Pilon. 
Aug 6 | Programmable Fading Memory in Atomic Switch Systems for Error Checking Applications [Book Chapter] – Natural Computing Series, pp 273-303. Renato Aguilera, Henry O. Sillin, Adam Z. Stieg, James K. Gimzewski*. 
Aug 5 | De Novo Approach to Encapsulating Biocatalysts into Synthetic Matrixes: From Enzymes to Microbial Electrocatalysts - ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. Tianran Sheng, Xun Guan, Chong Liu*, and Yude Su. 
Aug 5 | Conformational dynamics of androgen receptors bound to agonists and antagonistsSci. Rep. Hyo Jin Gim, Jiyong Park, Michael E. Jung & K. N. Houk*.
Aug 5 | From mouse to mouse-ear cress: Nanomaterials as vehicles in plant biotechnology - Exploration. Xue Xia, Bingyang Shi, Lei Wang, Yang Liu, Yan Zou, Yun Zhou, Yu Chen, Meng Zheng, Yingfang Zhu, Jingjing Duan, Siyi Guo, Ho Won Jang, Yuchen Miao, Kelong Fan, Feng Bai, Wei Tao, Yong Zhao, Qingyu Yan, Gang Cheng, Huiyu Liu, Yan Jiao, Shanhu Liu, Yuanyu Huang, Daishun Ling, Wenyi Kang, Xue Xue, Daxiang Cui, Yongwei Huang, Zongqiang Cui, Xun Sun, Zhiyong Qian, Zhen Gu, Gang Han, Zhimou Yang, David Tai Leong, Aiguo Wu, Gang Liu, Xiaogang Qu, Youqing Shen, Qiangbin Wang, Gregory V. Lowry, Ertao Wang, Xing-Jie Liang, Jorge Gardea-Torresdey, Guoping Chen, Wolfgang J. Parak, Paul S. Weiss*, Lixin Zhang, Martina M. Stenzel, Chunhai Fan, Ashley I. Bush, Gaiping Zhang, Christopher P. L. Grof, Xuelu Wang, David W. Galbraith, Ben Zhong Tang, Christina E. Offler, John W. Patrick, Chun-Peng Song.  
Aug 4 | Programmable Fading Memory in Atomic Switch Systems for Error Checking Applications [Book Chapter] – Natural Computing Series pp 273-303. Renato Aguilera, Henry O. Sillin, Adam Z. Stieg, James K. Gimzewski*.
Aug 4 | Unequivocal Identification of Aspartic Acid and isoAspartic Acid by MALDI-TOF/TOF: From Peptide Standards to a Therapeutic Antibody - J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. John O. Hu, Tawnya Flick, Joseph A. Loo*, and Iain D. G. Campuzano. 
Aug 3 | The Mammalian Family of Katanin Microtubule-Severing Enzymes - Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology. Nicole A. Lynn, Emily Martinez, Hieu Nguyen and Jorge Z. Torres*. 
Aug 2 | Fabrication of Multilayered Composite Nanofibers Using Continuous Chaotic Printing and Electrospinning: Chaotic Electrospinning - ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. Sunshine Holmberg, Norma Alicia Garza-Flores, Mohammad Ali Almajhadi, Carolina Chávez-Madero, Alejandro Lujambio-Angeles, Binny Jind, Claudia Bautista-Flores, Christian Mendoza-Buenrostro, Esther Pérez-Carrillo, Hemantha Kumar Wickramasinghe, Sergio Omar Martínez-Chapa, Marc Madou, Paul S. Weiss*, Mario Moisés Álvarez, and Grissel Trujillo-de Santiago. 
July 30 | Virtual Screening for Chemists (ACS In Focus e-book) - American Chemical Society - Ishika Saha and Patrick G. Harran*.
July 30 | Curvature-assisted self-assembly of Brownian squares on cylindrical surfaces - Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. Liu, Yiwu Zong, Mengjie Zu, Thomas G. Mason*, Fangfu Ye, Kun Zhao. 
July 30 | Synthetic strategy toward ineleganolide: A cautionary taleTetrahedron. Alexander Q. Cusumano, K.N.Houk*, Brian M. Stoltza. 
July 29 | Nonenzymatic Stereoselective S-Glycosylation of Polypeptides and ProteinsJ. Am. Chem. Soc. Li-Qiang Wan, Xia Zhang, Yike Zou, Rong Shi, Jin-Ge Cao, Shi-Yang Xu, Li-Fan Deng, Li Zhou, Yanqiu Gong, Xiaoling Shu, Ga Young Lee, Haiyan Ren, Lunzhi Dai, Shiqian Qi, K. N. Houk*, and Dawen Niu.
July 28 | Cardiac-specific deletion of voltage dependent anion channel 2 leads to dilated cardiomyopathy by altering calcium homeostasisNat. Commun. Thirupura S. Shankar, Dinesh K. A. Ramadurai, Kira Steinhorst, Salah Sommakia, Rachit Badolia, Aspasia Thodou Krokidi, Dallen Calder, Sutip Navankasattusas, Paulina Sander, Oh Sung Kwon, Aishwarya Aravamudhan, Jing Ling, Andreas Dendorfer, Changmin Xie, Ohyun Kwon*, Emily H. Y. Cheng, Kevin J. Whitehead, Thomas Gudermann, Russel S. Richardson, Frank B. Sachse, Johann Schredelseker, Kenneth W. Spitzer, Dipayan Chaudhuri & Stavros G. Drakos.
July 27 | Starved to death: Can dietary methionine combat cancer? - ASBMB Today. Nicole Lynn (Ph.D. candidate, Torres group).
July 27 | Electrostatic Regulation of Blue Copper Sites - Chem. Sci. Daniel Bím and Anastassia Alexandrova*.  

July 27 | Touting the Growing Contributions of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Editorial) - ACS Nano. Paul S. Weiss*. 

July 26 | Prospecting for natural products by genome mining and microcrystal electron diffraction - Nature Chemical Biology. Lee Joon Kim, Masao Ohashi, Zhuan Zhang, Dan Tan, Matthew Asay, Duilio Cascio, José A. Rodriguez*, Yi Tang* & Hosea M. Nelson*. Read article about the research here 

July 23 | Cell-Free Total Biosynthesis of Plant Terpene Natural Products Using an Orthogonal Cofactor Regeneration System - ACS Catal. Undramaa Bat-Erdene, John M. Billingsley, William C. Turner, Benjamin R. Lichman, Francesca M. Ippoliti, Neil K. Garg*, Sarah E. O’Connor, and Yi Tang*.

July 23 | Mechanisms and Dynamics of Synthetic and Biosynthetic Formation of Delitschiapyrones: Solvent Control of Ambimodal Periselectivity J. Am Chem. Soc. Yike Zou and K. N. Houk*.

July 23 | Whitlockite-Enabled Hydrogel for Craniofacial Bone Regeneration - ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. Sevda Pouraghaei Sevari, Jin Koo Kim, Chider Chen, Amir Nasajpour, Cun-Yu Wang, Paul H. Krebsbach, Ali Khademhosseini, Sahar Ansari, Paul S. Weiss*, and Alireza Moshaverinia. 

July 21 | The Art of Reviewing Manuscripts - J. Phys. Chem. C. Anastassia N. Alexandrova* and Gregory V. Hartland. 

July 20 | Cell contact guidance via sensing anisotropy of network mechanical resistancePNAS. Greeshma Thrivikraman, Alicja Jagiełło, Victor K. Lai, Sandra L. Johnson, Mark Keating, Alexander Nelson, Billianne Schultz, Connie M. Wang, Alex J. Levine*, Elliot L. Botvinick, Robert T. Tranquillo. 

July 19 | Engineering P450 TamI as an Iterative Biocatalyst for Selective Late-Stage C–H Functionalization and Epoxidation of Tirandamycin AntibioticsACS Catal. Rosa V. Espinoza, Kersti Caddell Haatveit, S. Wald Grossman, Jin Yi Tan, Caylie A. McGlade, Yogan Khatri, Sean A. Newmister, Jennifer J. Schmidt, Marc Garcia-Borràs, John Montgomery, K. N. Houk*, and David H. Sherman.

July 19 - Cleaving arene rings for acyclic alkenylnitrile synthesisNature.  Xu Qiu, Yueqian Sang, Hao Wu, Xiao-Song Xue, Zixi Yan, Yachong Wang, Zengrui Cheng, Xiaoyang Wang, Hui Tan, Song Song, Guisheng Zhang, Xiaohui Zhang, K. N. Houk* & Ning Jiao.

July 16 - Advances in optimizing enzyme electrostatic preorganization - Curr. Opin. Struct. Biol.  Matthew R. Hennefarth and Anastassia N. Alexandrova*.

July 16 | Heterologous Catalysis of the Final Steps of Tetracycline Biosynthesis by Saccharomyces cerevisiaeACS Chem. Biol. Ehud Herbst, Arden Lee, Yi Tang*, Scott A. Snyder, and Virginia W. Cornish.

July 16 | Entrepreneurial Talent Building for 21st Century Agricultural Innovation - ACS Nano. Bo Kyeong Yoon, Hyunhyuk Tae, Joshua A. Jackman, Supratik Guha, Cherie R. Kagan, Andrew J. Margenot, Diane L. Rowland, Paul S. Weiss*, and Nam-Joon Cho. 

July 15 | DCl-H 2 O, HCl-D 2 O, and DCl-D 2 O Dimers: Inter- and Intramolecular Vibrational States and Frequency Shifts from Fully Coupled Quantum Calculations on a Full-Dimensional Neural Network Potential Energy Surface - J. Phys. Chem. A. Peter M. Felker*, Yang Liu, Jun Li, Zlatko Bačić. 

July 15 - Cell contact guidance via sensing anisotropy of network mechanical resistancePNAS. Greeshma Thrivikraman, Alicja Jagiełło, Victor K. Lai, Sandra L. Johnson, Mark Keating, Alexander Nelson, Billianne Schultz, Connie M. Wang, Alex J. Levine*, Elliot L. Botvinick, Robert T. Tranquillo.

July 9 - The density matrix via few dominant observables: The quantum interference in the isotope effect for atto-pumped N2J. Chem. Phys. K. Komarova,  F. Remacle, and  R. D. Levine.

July 9 | Kinetic sequencing (k-Seq) as a massively parallel assay for ribozyme kinetics: utility and critical parameters - Nucleic Acids Res. Yuning Shen, Abe Pressman, Evan Janzen, Irene A. Chen*. 

July 9 | Electronic Structure of Superoxidized Radical Cationic Dodecaborate-Based Clusters - J. Phys. Chem. A. Bo Li, Xinglong Zhang, Julia M. Stauber, Thomas F. Miller III, and Alexander M. Spokoyny*.

July 8 | Large-Area Periodic Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Perovskite Nanopyramid Arrays for High-Performance Photodetector and Image Sensor Applications - ACS Materials Lett. Xiuzhen Xu, Wenfei Liu, Zhenkai Ji, Dandan Hao, Wenyuan Yan, Zilong Ye, Yan Hu, Minghe Fang, Changchun Wang, Liang Ma, Jia Huang, Xiaobin Xu, and Paul S. Weiss*. 

July 7 | Editorial: Focus on Protein Footprinting, Honoring Michael Gross, Recipient of the 2020 John B. Fenn Award for a Distinguished Contribution in Mass Spectrometry - J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. Joseph A. Loo*, David H. Russell, and Yinsheng Wang 

July 3 | Regulation of hepatic coenzyme Q biosynthesis by dietary omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids - Redox Biology. Lucía Fernández-del-Río, Sandra Rodríguez-López, Elena Gutiérrez-Casado, José Antonio González-Reyes, Catherine F. Clarke*, María Isabel Burón, José Manuel Villalba. 

July 1 | scPNMF: sparse gene encoding of single cells to facilitate gene selection for targeted gene profilingBioinformatics. Dongyuan Song, Kexin Li, Zachary Hemminger, Roy Wollman*, Jingyi Jessica Li. 

July 1 | Massively scaled-up testing for SARS-CoV-2 RNA via next-generation sequencing of pooled and barcoded nasal and saliva samplesNat. Biomed. Eng. Joshua S. Bloom, Laila Sathe, Chetan Munugala, Eric M. Jones, Molly Gasperini, Nathan B. Lubock, Fauna Yarza, Erin M. Thompson, Kyle M. Kovary, Jimin Park, Dawn Marquette, Stephania Kay, Mark Lucas, TreQuan Love, A. Sina Booeshaghi, Oliver F. Brandenberg, Longhua Guo, James Boocock, Myles Hochman, Scott W. Simpkins, Isabella Lin, Nathan LaPierre, Duke Hong, Yi Zhang, Gabriel Oland, Bianca Judy Choe, Sukantha Chandrasekaran, Evann E. Hilt, Manish J. Butte, Robert Damoiseaux, Clifford Kravit, Aaron R. Cooper, Yi Yin, Lior Pachter, Omai B. Garner, Jonathan Flint, Eleazar Eskin, Chongyuan Luo, Sriram Kosuri*, Leonid Kruglyak & Valerie A. Arboleda.

July 1 - Braiding Dynamics in Semiflexible Filament Bundles under Oscillatory Forcing – Polymers. Valentin M. Slepukhin and Alex J. Levine*.

June 30 | Suggesting Reviewers to Improve Your Manuscript [Editorial] - J. Phys Chem. C. Anastassia N. Alexandrova* and Gregory V. Hartland. 

June 29 | Interaction between the type 4 pili machinery and a diguanylate cyclase fine-tune c-di-GMP levels during early biofilm formation - PNAS. Shanice S. Webster, Calvin K. Lee, William C. Schmidt, Gerard C. L. Wong*, George A. O’Toole. 

June 28 | Perfluorocarbon nanoemulsions create a beneficial O2 microenvironment in N2-fixing biological | inorganic hybrid - Chem. Catalysis. Shengtao Lu, Roselyn M. Rodrigues, Shuyuan Huang, Daniel A. Estabrook, John O. Chapman, Xun Guan, Ellen M. Sletten*, Chong Liu*. 

June 25 | Single-Step Dual-Layer Photolithography for Tunable and Scalable Nanopatterning - ACS Nano. Wenfei Liu, Jiabao Wang, Xiuzhen Xu, Chuanzhen Zhao, Xiaobin Xu, and Paul S. Weiss*. 

June 24 | Titr-DMD-A Rapid, Coarse-Grained Quasi-All-Atom Constant pH Molecular Dynamics Framework - J. Chem Theory Comput. David J. Reilley, Jian Wang, Nikolay V. Dokholyan, Anastassia N. Alexandrova*. 

June 23 | Synthetic strategy toward ineleganolide: A cautionary taleTetrahedron. Alexander Q.Cusumano, K.N.Houk, Brian M. Stoltza.

June 23 | Leveraging Fleeting Strained Intermediates to Access Complex Scaffolds - JACS Au. Sarah M. Anthony, Laura G. Wonilowicz, Matthew S. McVeigh, and Neil K. Garg*.

June 23 | A Bayesian nonparametric analysis for zero-inflated multivariate count data with application to microbiome study - Royal Statistical Society. Kurtis Shuler, Samuel Verbanic, Irene A. Chen*, Juhee Lee. 

June 22 |  An ecophysiological explanation for manganese enrichment in rock varnish - PNAS. Usha F. Lingappa, Chris M. Yeager, Ajay Sharma, Nina L. Lanza, Demosthenes P. Morales, Gary Xie, Ashley D. Atencio, Grayson L. Chadwick, Danielle R. Monteverde, John S. Magyar, Samuel M. Webb, Joan Selverstone Valentine*, Brian M. Hoffman, Woodward W. Fischer. 

June 22 | Engineering P450 TamI as an Iterative Biocatalyst for Selective Late-Stage C–H Functionalization and Epoxidation of Tirandamycin AntibioticsACS Catal. Rosa V. Espinoza, Kersti Caddell Haatveit, S. Wald Grossman, Jin Yi Tan, Caylie A. McGlade, Yogan Khatri, Sean A. Newmister, Jennifer J. Schmidt, Marc Garcia-Borràs, John Montgomery, K. N. Houk*, and David H. Sherman.
June 22 | How was Nicholson’s highly inconsistent atomic theory able to yield explanatory as well as predictive success? Book chapter in Contemporary Scientific Challenge from the History of Science, Timothy D. Lyons and Peter Vickers (Eds.), Chapter 6, Eric R. Scerri*. 
June 21 | Reassessing the Notion of a Kuhnian Revolution: What Happened in Twentieth-Century Chemistry. Book chapter in Interpreting Kuhn: Critical Essays, K. Wray (Ed.), pp. 125-142, Eric R. Scerri*.  
June 18 | Palladium-Catalyzed Annulations of Strained Cyclic AllenesJ. Am. Chem. Soc.  Andrew V. Kelleghan, Dominick C. Witkowski, Matthew S. McVeigh, and Neil K. Garg*
June 18 | Quantitatively Designing Porous Copper Current Collectors for Lithium Metal AnodesACS Appl. Energy Mater. Bingyu Lu, Edgar Olivera, Jonathan Scharf, Mehdi Chouchane, Chengcheng Fang, Miguel Ceja, Lisa E. Pangilinan, Shiqi Zheng, Andrew Dawson, Diyi Cheng, Wurigumula Bao, Oier Arcelus, Alejandro A. Franco, Xiaochun Li, Sarah H. Tolbert*, and Ying Shirley Meng.
June 17 |  A platform for on-the-complex annulation reactions with transient aryne intermediates - Nat Commun. Jason V. Chari, Katie A. Spence, Robert B. Susick & Neil K. Garg*. 
June 17 | Tunable one-dimensional inorganic perovskite nanomeshes library for water splitting - Nano Energy. Yecan Pi, Qi Shao, Juan Wang, Bolong Huang, Zhiwei Hu, Chien-Te Chen, Chih-Wen Pao, Xiangfeng Duan*, Xiaoqing Huang. 
June 16 | Harzianic Acid from Trichoderma afroharzianum Is a Natural Product Inhibitor of Acetohydroxyacid SynthaseJ. Am. Chem. Soc.  Linan Xie, Xin Zang, Wei Cheng, Zhuan Zhang, Jiahai Zhou, Mengbin Chen, and Yi Tang*.
July 16 | Computational Exploration of How Enzyme XimE Converts Natural S-Epoxide to Pyran and R-Epoxide to Furan – ACS Catal. Chuchu Jiang, Bei-Bei He, Rosalinda L. Zhao, Min-Juan Xu, K. N. Houk*, and Yi-Lei Zhao.
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June 16 | Simple Synthesis of Fluorinated Ene-Ynes via In Situ Generation of AllenesSynth. (Ger.). Joseph A. Jaye, Ellen M. Sletten ∗.
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Apr 23 | Imparting Scientific Literacy through an Online Materials Chemistry General Education CourseJ. Chem. Educ. Roshini Ramachandran*, Nicholas A. Bernier, Christine M. Mavilian, Tina Izad, Leah Thomas, and Alexander M. Spokoyny*. Read article about the research here
Apr 23 |  scPNMF: sparse gene encoding of single cells to facilitate gene selection for targeted gene profilingBioinformatics. Dongyuan Song, Kexin Li, Zachary Hemminger, Roy Wollman*, Jingyi Jessica Li.
Apr 23 | Weak Electromagnetic Fields Accelerate Fusion of Myoblasts - Int. J. Mol. Sci. Dana Adler, Zehavit Shapira, Zehavit, Shimon Weiss*, Asher Shainberg, Abram Katz. 
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Apr 16 | Energy of Concert and Origins of Regioselectivity for 1,3-Dipolar Cycloadditions of Diazomethane - J. Org. Chem.  Shuming Chen, Tuo Hu, and K. N. Houk*.
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Apr 15 | Targeted Genome Mining Reveals the Biosynthetic Gene Clusters of Natural Product CYP51 Inhibitors - J. Am. Chem. Soc. Nicholas Liu, Elizabeth D. Abramyan, Wei Cheng, Bruno Perlatti, Colin J.B. Harvey, Gerald F. Bills, and Yi Tang*. 
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Apr 10 | Library construction of stereochemically diverse isomers of spirooliganin: Their total synthesis and antiviral activity - Chem. Sci. Ru-Bing Wang, Shuang-Gang Ma, Cooper S. Jamieson, Rong-Mei Gao, Yun-Bao Liu, Yong Li,  Xiao-Jing Wang, Yu-Huan Li, Kendall N. Houk*, Jing Qu and Shi-Shan Yu.
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Apr 7 | Total Synthesis and Computational Investigations of Sesquiterpene-Tropolones Ameliorate Stereochemical Inconsistencies and Resolve an Ambiguous Biosynthetic Relationship - J. Am. Chem. Soc. Christopher Y. Bemis, Chad N. Ungarean, Alexander S. Shved, Cooper S. Jamieson, Taehwan Hwang, Ken S. Lee, K. N. Houk*, and David Sarlah.
Apr 6 | Re-visiting the diastereoselectivity of organocatalytic conjugate addition of 2-trimethylsiloxyfuran to trans-crotonaldehyde - Tetrahedron Letters (Special issue dedicated to Professor Dale Boger). Liubo Li, Anton El Khoury, Brennan O. Clement, Patrick G. Harran*. 
Apr 5 | Structural Diversification of Hapalindole and Fischerindole Natural Products via Cascade Biocatalysis - ACS Catal. Robert M. Hohlman, Sean A. Newmister, Jacob N. Sanders, Yogan Khatri, Shasha Li, Nikki R. Keramati, Andrew N. Lowell, K. N. Houk*, and David H. Sherman.
Apr 1 | Direct Synthesis of Ketones from Methyl Esters by Nickel‐Catalyzed Suzuki–Miyaura Coupling - Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Yan‐Long Zheng, Pei‐Pei Xie, Omid Daneshfar, Kendall N. Houk*, Xin Hong, Stephen G. Newman.
Apr 1 | Covalent Bonding-Based Adhesion Method for Rigidly Coupling Metal Nanocrystals to Metal and Metal Oxide Surfaces - ACS Appl. Nano Mater. Stephen Sasaki, Jeffrey Kurish, Shauna Robbennolt, Yan Yan, Eduardo Garcia, and Sarah H. Tolbert*.
Apr 1 | Optimizing Kesterite Solar Cells from Cu2ZnSnS4 to Cu2CdGe(S,Se)4 - J. Mater. Chem. A. Robert B. Wexler, Gopalakrishnan Sai Gautam and Emily A. Carter*. 
Mar 31 | The Nano Research Young Innovators (NR45) Awards in two-dimensional materials (Editorial) Nano Res. - Xiangfeng Duan* and Qihua Xiong.
Mar 31 | Perfluorocarbon nanomaterials for photodynamic therapy For Nanobubbles and nanodroplets issue - Curr. Opin. Colloid Interface Sci. Rachael A.Day & Ellen M.Sletten*.
Mar 29 | MCPdb: The bacterial microcompartment databasePLOS One.  Jessica M. Ochoa, Kaylie Bair, Thomas Holton, Thomas A. Bobik, Todd O. Yeates*.
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Mar 26 | Photochemical Intermolecular Dearomative Cycloaddition of Bicyclic Azaarenes with Alkenes - Science. Jiajia Ma, Shuming Chen*, Peter Bellotti, Renyu Guo, Felix Schäfer, Arne Heusler, Xiaolong Zhang, Constantin Daniliuc, M. Kevin Brown, Kendall N. Houk*, Frank Glorius. Read article about the research here.
Mar 26 | Computational Exploration of Ambiphilic Reactivity of Azides and Sustmann’s Paradigmatic Parabola - J. Org. Chem. Pan-Pan Chen, Pengchen Ma, Xue He, Dennis Svatunek, Fang Liu*, and Kendall N. Houk*. 
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Mar 25 | Palladium-catalyzed acetylation of arylbromides - Org. Synth. Milauni M. Mehta, Andrew V. Kelleghan, and Neil K. Garg*. 
Mar 23 | Sortase-assembled Pili in Corynebacterium diphtheriae are Built Using a Latch Mechanism - PNAS. Scott A. McConnell, Rachel A. McAllister, Brendan R. Amer, Brendan J. Mahoney, Christopher K. Sue, Chungyu Chang, Hung Ton-That, and Robert T. Clubb*.  
Mar 23 | The Epithelial–Mesenchymal Transcription Factor SNAI1 Represses Transcription of the Tumor Suppressor miRNA let-7 in Cancer Cancers. Hanmin Wang, Evgeny Chirshev, Nozomi Hojo,Tise Suzuki, Antonella Bertucci, Michael Pierce, Christopher Perry, Ruining Wang, Jeffrey Zink*, Carlotta A. Glackin, Yevgeniya J. Ioffeand Juli J. Unternaehrer. 
Mar 19 | Gold(III) Aryl Complexes as Reagents for Constructing Hybrid Peptide-Based Assemblies via Cysteine S-Arylation - Inorg. Chem. Julia M. Stauber, Arnold L. Rheingold, and Alexander M. Spokoyny*. 
Mar 17 | High-order superlattices by rolling up van der Waals heterostructures - Nature. Bei Zhao, Zhong Wan, Yuan Liu, Junqing Xu, Xiangdong Yang, Dingyi Shen, Zucheng Zhang, Chunhao Guo, Qi Qian, Jia Li, Ruixia Wu, Zhaoyang Lin, Xingxu Yan, Bailing Li, Zhengwei Zhang, Huifang Ma, Bo Li, Xiao Chen, Yi Qiao, Imran Shakir, Zeyad Almutairi, Fei Wei, Yue Zhang, Xiaoqing Pan, Yu Huang, Yuan Ping, Xidong Duan & Xiangfeng Duan*.
Mar 16 | Phosphorus-Based Catalysis - ACS Cent. Sci. Changmin Xie, Andrew J. Smaligo, Xian-Rong Song, and Ohyun Kwon*. 
Mar 16 | Yeast Grown in Continuous Culture Systems Can Detect Mutagens with Improved Sensitivity Relative to the Ames Test - PLOS One. Joseph Y. Ong*, Julia T. Pence, David C. Molik, Heather A. M. Shepherd, Holly V. Goodson. Ong is a BMSB Ph.D. student in Prof. Jorge Torres' group. This research is the result of his undergraduate work at Notre Dame.  
Mar 16 | The mitochondrial carrier SFXN1 is critical for complex III integrity and cellular metabolismCell Rep. Michelle Grace Acoba, Ebru S. Selen Alpergin, Santosh Renuse, Lucía Fernández-del-Río, Ya-Wen Lu, Oleh Khalimonchuk, Catherine F. Clarke*, Akhilesh Pandey, Michael J. Wolfgang, Steven M. Claypool. 
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Mar 4 | Autobiography of Emily A. CarterJ. Phys. Chem., A. Emily A. Carter*. As part of the The American Chemical Society (ACS) tribute to the accomplishments of UCLA’s Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Professor Emily Carter in a special issue of The Journal of Physical Chemistry. Read more about it here.
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Dec 9 | Niobium Pentoxide Based Materials for High Rate Rechargeable Electrochemical Energy Storage - Materials Horizons. Fei Shen, Zhongti Sun, Qinggang He, Jingyu Sun, Richard B. Kaner*, Yuanlong Shao.
Dec 8 | Efficacy Analysis of Compartmentalization for Ambient CH4 Activation Mediated by a RhII Metalloradical in a Nanowire Array Electrode - Chemical Science. Benjamin S. Natinsky, Brandon J. Jolly, David M. Dumasa and Chong Liu*.   
Dec 8 - Directed Force Propagation in Semiflexible Networks - Soft Matter. Maximilian J. Grill, Jonathan Kernes, Valentin M. Slepukhin, Wolfgang A. Walla and Alex J. Levine*.
Dec 7 | Examining the Role of Atomic Scale Heterogeneity on the Thermal Conductivity of Transparent, Thermally Insulating, Mesoporous Silica–Titania Thin Films - J. Phys. Chem. C. Sophia C. King, Man Li, Tiphaine Galy, Yan Yan, Joon Sang Kang, Victoria M. Basile, Yolanda L. Li, Michal Marszewski, Laurent Pilon, Yongjie Hu, and Sarah H. Tolbert*.
Dec 6 | Phospho‐regulation of mitotic spindle assembly - Cytoskeleton. Joseph Y. Ong, Michelle C. Bradley, Jorge Z. Torres.
Dec 2 | Errata: “Atomic layer etching of metals with anisotropy, specificity, and selectivity” - J. Vac. Sci. Technol. Xia Sang, Yantao Xia, Philippe Sautet*, and Jane P. Chang.
Dec 1 | A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step (Editorial) - Chemistry—A European Journal. Jean‐François Nierengarten, Kendall N. Houk*, Kuiling Ding.
Nov 30 | Carborane Guests for Cucurbit[7]uril Facilitate Strong Binding and On-Demand Removal - J. Am. Chem. Soc. Anna Kataki-Anastasakou, Jonathan C. Axtell, Selena Hernandez, Rafal M. Dziedzic, Gary J. Balaich, Arnold L. Rheingold, Alexander M. Spokoyny*, and Ellen M. Sletten*.
Nov 29 | What Will We Carry Forward from This Time? (Editorial) - ACS Nano - Samuel Chigome, Chennupati Jagadish, Cherie R. Kagan, Ajay Sood, Haixia Zhang, and Paul S. Weiss*.
Nov 28 | Stochastically Realized Observables for Excitonic Molecular Aggregates - J. Phys. Chem. A. Nadine C. Bradbury, Chern Chuang, Arundhati P. Deshmukh, Eran Rabani, Roi Baer, Justin R. Caram*, and Daniel Neuhauser*.
Nov 26 | Expanding the Scope of Palladium-Catalyzed B–N Cross-Coupling Chemistry in Carboranes - Organometallics. Xin Mu, Morgan Hopp, Rafal M. Dziedzic, Mary A. Waddington, Arnold L. Rheingold, Ellen M. Sletten*, Jonathan C. Axtell, and Alexander M. Spokoyny*.
Nov 25 | Impact of Organic Templates on the Selective Formation of Zeolite Oligomers. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Marine Ciantar, Thuat T. Trinh, Carine Michel, Philippe Sautet*, Caroline Mellot‐Draznieks, Carlos Nieto‐Draghi. 
Nov 24 | One-pot synthesis of few-layered molybdenum disulfide anchored on N, S-codoped carbon for enhanced hydrogen generation - Mater. Today Energy. L. Zheng, W. Zhang, B. Gao, H. Lu, X. Fan, Y. Zhang, Y. Wang, S. Wang, Q. Gao, Y. Tang*.
Nov 23 | A structurally conserved human and Tetrahymena telomerase catalytic core - PNAS. Yaqiang Wang, Marcus Gallagher-Jones, Lukas Sušac, He Song, and Juli Feigon*. 
Nov 23 | Photorearrangement of [8]-2,6-Pyridinophane N-Oxide - J. Am. Chem. Soc. Evan E. Hurlow, Janice B. Lin, Morris J. Dweck, Selbi Nuryyeva, Zhengao Feng, Tyler K. Allred, K. N. Houk*, and Patrick G. Harran*
Nov 20 | Damaged lung gas-exchange function of discharged COVID-19 patients detected by hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI - Science Advances. Haidong Li, Xiuchao Zhao, Yujin Wang, Xin Lou, Shizhen Chen, He Deng, Lei Shi, Junshuai Xie, Dazhong Tang, Jianping Zhao, Louis-S. Bouchard*, Liming Xia, and Xin Zhou.
Nov 20 | - Lessons Learned—Aluminum Waste Container Rupture - J. Chem. Health Saf. Craig A. Merlic* and Imke Schröder. 
Nov 18 | Observing Single-Atom Catalytic Sites During Reactions with Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry - Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Max J. Hülsey, Geng Sun, Philippe Sautet*, Ning Yan.
Nov 16 | Hydrogen Evolution on Restructured B-Rich WB: Metastable Surface States and Isolated Active Sites - ACS Catal. Zisheng Zhang, Zhi-Hao Cui, Elisa Jimenez-Izal, Philippe Sautet, and Anastassia N. Alexandrova*.
Nov 16 | Engineering mesoporous silica for superior optical and thermal propertiesMRS Energy and Sustainability. Danielle M. Butts, Patricia E. McNeil , Michal Marszewski , Esther Lan, Tiphaine Galy, Man Li, Joon Sang Kang, David Ashby, Sophia King, Sarah H. Tolbert*, Yongjie Hu, Laurent Pilon and Bruce S. Dunn. 
Nov 14 | Elastic ceramic aerogels for thermal superinsulation under extreme conditions. Mater. Today. Xiang Xu, Shubin Fu, Jingran Guo, Hui Li, Yu Huang, Xiangfeng Duan*.
Nov 12 | World Pneumonia Day 2020 - ASBMB Today. Nicole Lynn (PhD Candidate, Torres group). 
Nov 10 | Cryogenic Milling Method to Fabricate Nanostructured Anodes - ACS Appl. Energy Mater. Qizhang Yan, Shu-Ting Ko, Yumin Zhao, Yumin Zhao, Grace Whang, Andrew Dawson, Sarah H. Tolbert*, Bruce S. Dunn, and Jian Luo. 
Nov 5 | Callyspongiolide Is a Potent Inhibitor of the Vacuolar ATPase - J. Nat. Prod. Sarah Fogarty, Yeyun Ouyang, Liubo Li, Yu-chan Chen, Hallie Rane, Francesco Manoni, Karlett J. Parra, Jared Rutter, and Patrick G. Harran*. (Read article about research here.)
Nov 4 | I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar (in Science) (Editorial) - J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. Joseph Loo.
Nov 2 | Understanding Stabilization in Nanoporous Intermetallic Alloy Anodes for Li-Ion Batteries Using Operando Transmission X-ray Microscopy - ACS Nano. Terri C. Lin, Andrew Dawson, Sophia C. King, Yan Yan, David S. Ashby, Joseph A. Mazzetti, Bruce S. Dunn, Johanna Nelson WekerJohanna Nelson Weker. and Sarah H. Tolbert*.
Nov 1 | Structure of S. pombe telomerase protein Pof8 C-terminal domain is an xRRM conserved among LARP7 proteins - RNA Biology. Ritwika Basu,Catherine D. Eichhorn, Ryan Cheng, Robert D. Peterson, and Juli Feigon*. 
Oct 29 | Distinct electronic structures and bonding interactions in inverse-sandwich samarium and ytterbium biphenyl complexesChemical Science. Yuyuan Xiao, Xiao-Kun Zhao, Tianpin Wu, Jeffrey T. Miller, Han-Shi Hu, Jun Li, Wenliang Huang* and Paula L. Diaconescu*. 
Oct 21 | Correlated Motion and Mechanical Gearing in Amphidynamic Crystalline Molecular Machines - Chemical Science. Miguel García-Garibay group.
Oct 20 | Stabilizing Oxidative Dehydrogenation Active Sites at High Temperature with Steam: ZnFe2O4-Catalyzed Oxidative Dehydrogenation of 1-Butene to 1,3-Butadiene - ACS Catal. Tieqiang Zeng, Geng Sun, Changxi Miao, George Yan, Yingchun Ye, Weimin Yang, and Philippe Sautet*
Oct 13 | Towards a Single Chemical Model for Understanding Lanthanide Hexaborides - Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Julen Munarriz, Paul J. Robinson, Anastassia N. Alexandrova*
Oct 12 | Enzyme-free synthesis of natural phospholipids in water - Nature Chemistry. Ken Houk group.
Oct 9 | Black phosphorus composites with engineered interfaces for high-rate high-capacity lithium storageScience.  Xiangfeng Duan group. (Read article about research here.)
Oct 2 | Self‐Deposition of 2D Molybdenum Sulfides on Liquid Metals - Adv. Funct. Mater. Yifang Wang, Mohannad Mayyas, Jiong Yang, Jianbo Tang, Mohammad B. Ghasemian, Jialuo Han, Aaron Elbourne, Torben Daeneke, Richard B. Kaner*, Kourosh Kalantar‐Zadeh.
Oct 1 | Corrigendum to “Fire-retardant, self-extinguishing triboelectric nanogenerators” [Nano Energy 59 (2019) 336–345]. Nano Energy. Abdelsalam Ahmed, Maher F. El-Kady, Islam Hassan, Ayman Negm, Amir Masoud Pourrahimi, Mit Muni, Ponnambalam Ravi Selvaganapathy, Richard B. Kaner*.
Oct 1 | Corrigendum to “All printable snow-based triboelectric nanogenerator’’ [Nano Energy 60 (2019) 17–25], Nano Energy, Abdelsalam Ahmed, Islam Hassan, Islam M. Mosa, Esraa Elsanadidy, Gayatri S. Phadke, Maher F. El-Kady, James F. Rusling, Ponnambalam Ravi Selvaganapathy, Richard B. Kaner*.
Sept 30 | An enzymatic Alder-ene reaction - Nature. Yi Tang, Neil Garg, and Ken Houk research groups. (Read article about research here.)
Sept 28 | Programmable devices based on reversible solid-state doping of two-dimensional semiconductors with superionic silver iodide - Nature Electronics. Xiangfeng Duan group. (Read article about research here.)
Sept 22 |Tutorials and Articles on Best Practices (Editorial) - ACS Nano. Paul Weiss.
Sept 21 | Surface Chemical Trapping of Optical Cycling CentersPhys. Chem. Chem. Phys. – Justin Caram and Anastassia Alexandrova groups.
Sept 17 | Lipid-Bicelle-Coated Microfluidics for Intracellular Delivery with Reduced Fouling - ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. Paul Weiss group.
Sept 16 | Synthetic Amorphous Silica Nanoparticles: Toxicity, Biomedical and Environmental Implications - Nature Review Materials. Jonas Croissant, Kimberly Butler, Jeffrey Zink*, Jeffrey C. Brinker. 
Sept 8 | Leveraging Immonium Ions for Targeting Acyl‐Lysine Modifications in Proteomic Datasets - Proteomics. John M. Muroski, Janine Y. Fu, Hong Hanh Nguyen, Rachel R. Ogorzalek, Joseph A. Loo*. 
Sept 7 | Fjord-edge Graphene Nanoribbons with Site-Specific Nitrogen Substitution - J. Am. Chem. Soc.- Richard Kaner, Anastassia Alexandrova,  Ken Houk, Sarah Tolbert, and Yves Rubin groups.
Sept 4 | Printing Precise Materials with Visible Light - ACS Cent. Sci. Ellen Sletten group.
Sept 2 | For the Love of Analytical Instruments (Editorial) - J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. Joseph Loo.
Sept 1 | Selective Enzymatic Oxidation of Silanes to Silanols – Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.  Ken Houk group.
Aug 31 | A fundamental look at electrocatalytic sulfur reduction reaction - Nature Catalysis. Sarah Tolbert, Philippe Sautet & Xiangfeng Duan groups.
Aug 26 | Intercepting Fleeting Cyclic Allenes with Asymmetric Nickel Catalysis -Nature. Ken Houk and Neil Garg groups.
Aug 18 | Fluorous Soluble Cyanine Dyes for Visualizing Perfluorocarbons in Living Systems - J. Am. Chem. Soc. Ellen Sletten group.
Aug 18 | Flexible Multiplexed In2O3 Nanoribbon Aptamer-Field-Effect Transistor s for BiosensingiScience. Paul Weiss and Anne Andrews groups.
Aug 17 | Recent attempts to change the periodic table - Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A. Eric Scerri.
Aug 11 | Influence of Terminal Carboxyl Groups on the Structure and Reactivity of Functionalized m-Carboranethiolate Self-Assembled Monolayers – Chemistry of Materials.  Ken Houk, Anastassia Alexandrova, and Paul Weiss groups.
Aug 7 | Direct Look at the Electric Field in Ketosteroid Isomerase and Its Variants - ACS Catal.- Anastassia Alexandrova group.
Aug 7 | Half a century of amyloids: past, present and future - Chem Soc Rev. David Eisenberg group.
July 27 | Cryo-EM structure and inhibitor design of human IAPP (amylin) fibrils - Nat Struct Mol Biol. David Eisenberg group.
July 27 | Cholesteryl Ester Liquid Crystal Nanofibers for Tissue Engineering Applications - ACS Materials Letters. Paul S. Weiss group.
July 24 | Detecting DNA and RNA and Differentiating Single-Nucleotide Variations via Field-Effect Transistors - Nano Letters. Anne M. Andrews and Paul S. Weiss groups.
July 24 | Systematic Study of Perfluorocarbon Nanoemulsions Stabilized by Polymer Amphiphiles - ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. Ellen Sletten group.
July 23 | Ambient methane functionalization initiated by electrochemical oxidation of a vanadium (V)-oxo dimer - Nature Communications. Anastassia N. Alexandrova & Chong Liu groups.
July 11 | Dealkenylative Alkenylation: Formal σ‐Bond Metathesis of Olefins - Angewandte Chemie, International Edition. Ohyun Kwon group.
July 9 | A Super-Oxidized Radical Cationic Icosahedral Boron Cluster - J. Am. Chem. Soc. Alex Spokoyny group.
July 6 | Review - Perfluorocarbons in Chemical Biology - ChemBioChem. Ellen Sletten group.
July 1 | Fast-Charging Cathodes from Polymer-Templated Mesoporous LiVPO4F - ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. Sarah Tolbert group.
June 30 | Treating a Global Health Crisis with a Dose of Synthetic Chemistry - ACS Cent. Sci. Neil Garg group.
June 24 | Expanded Helicenes as Synthons for Chiral Macrocyclic Nanocarbons – J. Am. Chem. Soc.  Ken Houk group.
June 24 | Ligand-Controlled Regiodivergent Palladium-Catalyzed Hydrogermylation of Ynamides – J. Am. Chem. Soc.  Ken Houk group.
June 22 | Confronting Racism in Chemistry Journals [Editorial] - ACS Appl. Polym. Mater.  Burrows, C. J.; Huang, J.; Wang, S.; Kim, H. J.; Meyer, G. J.; Schanze, K.; Lee, T. R.;Lutkenhaus, J. L.; Kaplan, D.; Jones, C.; Bertozzi, C.; Kiessling, L.; Mulcahy, M. B.; Lindsley, C. W.; Finn, M. G.; Blum, J. D.; Kamat, P.; Choi, W.; Snyder, S.; Aldrich, C. C.; Rowan, S.; Liu, B.; Liotta, D.; Weiss,* P. S.; Zhang, D.; Ganesh, K. N.; Atwater, H. A.; Gooding, J. J.; Allen, D. T.; Voigt, C. A.; Sweedler, J.; Schepartz, A.; Rotello, V.; Lecommandoux, S.; Sturla, S. J.; Hammes-Schiffer, S.; Buriak, J.; Steed, J. W.; Wu, H.; Zimmerman, J.; Brooks, B.; Savage, P.; Tolman, W.; Hofmann, T. F.; Brennecke, J. F.; Holme, T. A.; Merz, K. M.; Scuseria, G.; Jorgensen, W.;Georg, G. I.; Wang, S.; Proteau, P.; Yates, J. R.; Stang, P.; Walker, G. C.; Hillmyer, M.; Taylor, L. S.; Odom, T. W.; Carreira, E.; Rossen, K.; Chirik, P.; Miller, S. J.; Shea, J.-E.; McCoy, A.; Zanni, M.; Hartland, G.; Scholes, G.; Loo, J.A.*; Milne, J.; Tegen, S. B.; Kulp, D. T.; Laskin, J.
June 22 | Why Boron Nitride is such a Selective Catalyst for the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Propane - Angewandte Chemie, International Edition. Anastassia Alexandrova group.
June 19 | Confronting Racism in Chemistry Journals (Editorial) – ACS Nano. Paul Weiss.
June 16 | Challenges and Opportunities in Designing Perovskite Nanocrystal Heterostructures (Editorial)  – ACS Energy Lett. – Paul Weiss.
June 10 | Discovery and Total Synthesis of a Bis(cyclotryptamine) Alkaloid Bearing the Elusive Piperidinoindoline Scaffold - J. Am. Chem. Soc. Neil Garg and Miguel García-Garibay groups.
June 5 | Molecular Spur Gears with Triptycene Rotators and a Norbornane-Based Stator – Org. Lett.  Ken Houk and Miguel Garcia-Garibay groups.
June 2 | Mesoporous silica nanoparticles for biomedical applications – United States Patent and Trademark Office. Jeffrey Zink group.
May 29 | The Design and Science of Polyelemental NanoparticlesACS Nano. Paul Weiss group.
May 20 | On Chemical Natural Kinds - Journal for General Philosophy of Science. Eric Scerri.
May 14 | The role of CuI in the siloxane-mediated Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions of aryl iodides with aryl lithium reagents. Chin. Chem. Lett. Yu Chen, Xiao Zhang, Fang Liu, Gucheng He, Ju Zhang, K.N. Houk*, Amos B. Smith, Yong Liang.
May 12 | The Use of Fluorescence Anisotropy Decay to Measure Rotation of Acenes in Viscous Solution” - J. Org. Chem. Miguel Garcia-Garibay group.
May 11 | Stereoselective [4+2]-Cycloaddition with Chiral Alkenylboranes – Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.  Ken Houk group.
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