Professor Richard Kaner
Mar 9, 2017
Professor Richard Kaner and postdoc Dr Maher El-Kady are featured in a recent episode of PBS’s science show “NOVA”.
Mar 9, 2017
UC Santa Barbara chemistry and biochemistry lecturer Dr Kalju Kahn gave the Winter Quarter Instructional Division seminar on March 7, 2017.
Robert E. Spenger
Mar 8, 2017
Alumnus California State University, Fullerton, Professor Emeritus Robert Spenger (PhD ’61) died on January 20, 2017, at the age of 93.
Prof. Cecilia Zurita-Lopez
Mar 2, 2017
Alumna CSULA biochemistry professor Cecilia Zurita-Lopez (PhD ’11 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, S Clarke lab) named 2017 Emerging Scholar. 
Prof. Kendall Houk
Mar 1, 2017
Professor Ken Houk and postdoc Yun-Fang Yang are part of team to develop method for potentially removing nearly all sulfur compounds from gas and diesel fuel.
Prof. Daniel Nocera
Feb 24, 2017
Professor Daniel Nocera (Harvard) was honored at the February 22, 2017 event.
Mackenzie Anderson
Feb 24, 2017
Mackenzie Anderson, an undergraduate researcher in the Kaner group, received the Best Student Poster Award at the AWWA/AMTA Membrane Technology Conference.
Dr. Alex Spokoyny
Feb 21, 2017
Professor Alexander Spokoyny is one of four UCLA faculty members to be selected for 2017 Sloan Fellowships.
Dr. Eric Scerri
Feb 21, 2017
UCLA chemistry lecturer & philosopher of science Eric Scerri writes about the nature of science for the Los Angeles Times.
Prof. Christopher Foote
Feb 17, 2017
Graduate students Marco Messina (Maynard Group), Lucas Morrill (Garg Group), and Adam Simon (Houk Group) have been named the 2017 Senior Foote Fellows.
Professor Neil Garg
Feb 15, 2017

An article by Professor Neil Garg and former graduate student Dr Tejas Shah appeared in the “In the Classroom” section of the newest Nature journal.  

Professor Catherine J. Murphy
Feb 14, 2017
Professor Catherine Murphy (University of Illinois) gave the first Inorganic Nano-Materials Seminar on Friday, February 10th.
Paul Chong
Feb 13, 2017
Chemistry undergraduate researcher Paul Chong (Spokoyny group) has been named a Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) Scholar. 
Professor Heather Maynard
Feb 9, 2017

Professor Heather Maynard awarded a Fulbright Specialist grant, allowing her to visit New Zealand to provide her expertise in biohybrid polymeric materials.

Elaine Qian
Feb 9, 2017
Graduate student Elaine Qian (Spokoyny lab) is one of ten female students nationally to receive the ACS Women Chemists Committee (WCC) Travel Award.
Prof. James L. Skinner
Feb 7, 2017
Renowned theoretical chemist Professor James Skinner (University of Chicago) gave the 2017 Daniel Kivelson Lecture on February 6th. 
Prof. Heather Maynard
Jan 30, 2017
Professor Heather Maynard has been elected a 2017 Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering (PMSE) Fellow of the American Chemical Society (ACS).
Prof. Kimberly Prather
Jan 27, 2017
Professor Kimberly Prather (UC San Diego/Scripps) gave the Winter 2017 UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry Distinguished Lecture on Monday, January 23rd.
Prof. Sarah Tolbert
Jan 25, 2017
Physical chemistry professor Sarah Tolbert has been named a fellow of the prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).
Audree Fowler
Jan 19, 2017
UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry graduate students Brendan Amer and Jeff Vinokur have been selected as 2016 Audree Fowler Fellows in Protein Science.
Richard Marsh
Jan 12, 2017
Alumnus Caltech crystallographer Richard Marsh (PhD’50, McCullough) passed away on January 3, 2017, at the age of 94.
Prof. Jeffrey Zink
Jan 6, 2017
The term chair, established by Professor Jeff Zink and his wife, Helo, will foster young faculty starting their careers at UCLA.
Prof. Eric Scerri
Jan 6, 2017
Three of chemist & author Eric Scerri’s books are included in the Top 25 Philosophy of Science Books Published in 2016.
Dec 19, 2016

Graduate student Elaine Qian (Spokoyny group) led the interdisciplinary team whose research was recently featured in Nature Chemistry.

Departmental awards
Dec 16, 2016
A photo gallery of the 2016 Departmental Awards Ceremony and a list of the award recipients is now available online.