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Jun 28, 2018
Six undergraduate students from four Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) will contribute to research projects in department laboratories this summer.
Colin Plesa
Jun 28, 2018
Postdoctoral fellow Calin Plesa (Sri Kosuri’s group) wins prestigious Burroughs Wellcome Fund (BWF) Career Award at the Scientific Interface (CASI).
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Jun 27, 2018
Professors Louis Bouchard and Paul Weiss are part of team whose discovery could be a step toward developing treatments for cancer and autoimmune diseases.
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Jun 27, 2018
Renovation has begun to transform 6,500 square foot former department library space on 4th floor of Young Hall into the Mani Bhaumik Centennial Collaboratory.
Professor Kendall Houk
Jun 26, 2018

With the Arnold group at Caltech, Houk's group characterizes an unusual reactive carbene intermediate in an artificial metalloenzyme that functionalizes Si-H bonds.

Professor Richard Glick
Jun 22, 2018
Alumnus Florida State University chemistry professor Richard Glick (PhD ’54) passed away on June 1, 2018, at the age of 91.
Jun 21, 2018
Undergraduate student researchers Isaac Diaz (Spokoyny group) and Jenna Molas (Kaner group) have been accepted into the prestigious UC LEADS program. 
Professor Xiangfeng Duan
Jun 21, 2018
The team reported on a new on-chip "tool" that helps to "see" & identify the key process that hinders the performance of catalyst used in fuel cells.
Professor Michael Jung
Jun 21, 2018
Professor Michael Jung was the co-awardee of the Amgen Early Innovator Award at the UCLA Biomedical & Life Science Innovation Day 2018.
Dr. Elshan Dayan
Jun 20, 2018
Postdoctoral scholar Dayan Elshan (Jung group) won first place in the cancer category for his poster at the UCLA Biomedical and Life Science Innovation Day 2018.
Dr. Nako Nakatsuka
Jun 15, 2018
Alumna Nako Nakatsuka (PhD ’17) was chosen to serve as one of two student processional marshals for the Doctoral Hooding Ceremony.
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Jun 14, 2018
UCLA chemistry and biochemistry assistant professors Hosea Nelson and Jose Rodriguez (BS '07, PhD '12) have been selected as 2018 Pew Scholars.
Professor Ellen Sletten
Jun 14, 2018
Professor Ellen Sletten is one of thirteen UCLA junior faculty members selected to receive the prestigious UCLA Hellman Fellows award.
Professor Xiangfeng Duan
Jun 14, 2018
The team, co-led by Professor Xiangfeng Duan, reported on their development of a new process for assembling seminconductor devices.
UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship
Jun 13, 2018
Fourteen chemistry & biochemistry graduate student researchers receive the 2018-2019 UCLA Graduate Division Dissertation Year Fellowship (DYF).
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Jun 13, 2018
Four dynamic speakers are scheduled for our 2018-19 Distinguished Lecture Series: George Whitesides, David Schuster, Joanna Aizenberg, & Zhenan Bao.
Professor Mostafa El-Sayed
Jun 8, 2018
On June 4th, leading nanoscience researcher Professor Mostafa El-Sayed (Georgia Institute of Technology) gave the 2018 Daniel Kivelson Lecture. 
John "Jack" D. Roberts
Jun 7, 2018
On Thursday, October 18, 2018, Professors George Whitesides (Harvard) and David Schuster (NYU) will present the 2018 John D Roberts Lecture at UCLA.
Zeeshan Parvez
Jun 7, 2018
First-year graduate student and US Marine Corps veteran Zeeshan Parvez (Spokoyny group) has been named a Tillman Scholar for the class of 2018.
Professor Juli Feigon
Jun 7, 2018
The groundbreaking research, led by Professor Juli Feigon, was recently published in the prestigious journal Cell.
Grad student helping children
Jun 7, 2018
UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry organic chemists engaged future scientists at the 4th annual Warner Science Slam on May 20, 2018.
Professor Zhao Li
Jun 7, 2018
The UCLA Academic Senate's Committee on Teaching has selected Professor Zhao Li for a 2018 Distinguished Teaching Award for Non-Senate Faculty.
Teacher Scholar News
Jun 6, 2018
In July 2018 we will welcome two alumni as our new 2018-2021 Postdoctoral Teacher-Scholars and we will bid farewell to one of our 2016-2019 Postdoctoral Teacher-Scholars. 
faculty with student
Jun 5, 2018
The annual Organic Graduate Symposium on Saturday, June 2, 2018, featured research talks by fifteen chemistry graduate students.
Paul D. Boyer
Jun 4, 2018
We are sad to report that UCLA Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry Paul Boyer, who won the 1997 Nobel Prize in chemistry, passed away on June 2, 2018 at age 99.