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May 18, 2018
New Endowed Professors in General Chemistry, Albert Courey & Yung-Ya Lin, will work together to enhance the learning experience for life science undergrads. 
Student at science fair
May 10, 2018
Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate Student Association (CBGSA) members inspire young chemists at local elementary school science fair.
Professor Ellen Sletten
May 10, 2018
Professor Ellen Sletten was presented with the 2018 UCLA Alpha Chi Sigma (AXΣ) Glenn Seaborg Award at the annual AXΣ Seaborg Banquet on May 5th.                    
Students in front of Royce Hall
May 9, 2018
On May 8, 2018, Professor Neil Garg and his students hosted a visit to UCLA by 25 science students from Valencia High School.  
Professor Kendall Houk
May 8, 2018
On May 8, 2018, the Houk group hosted a virtual symposium on synthetic organic chemistry featuring talks by Sarah Reisman (Caltech) and Phil Baran (Scripps).  
Professor Anastassia Alexandrova
May 8, 2018
Professor Anastassia Alexandrova and alum Dr Mai-Anh Ha’s work on endothermic cooling of hypersonic jets featured in Chemical & Engineering News.
Professor Richard Kaner
May 8, 2018
The RSC recognizes Professor Richard Kaner for his “outstanding contributions to solid-state synthesis, energy storage materials & super hard materials.”
Professor Jeffrey I. Zink
May 4, 2018
Professor Jeffrey Zink was awarded the American Chemical Society Southern California Section's highest honor, the Tolman Medal, on May 1, 2018.
Professor Heather Maynard
May 4, 2018
Professor Heather Maynard has been selected for the award which honors her contribution to a diverse campus.
Professor Dean Tantillo
Apr 27, 2018
Professor Dean Tantillo (PhD ’00, Houk) edits new book, Applied Theoretical Organic Chemistry, which features several UCLA connected chemists. 
Professor Victoria Orphan
Apr 25, 2018
Professor Victoria Orphan (California Institute of Technology) gave the Spring 2018 UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry Distinguished Lecture on Friday, April 20. 
Professor Thomas Mason
Apr 25, 2018
A paper by Professor Thomas Mason and PhD student Ha Seong Kim has been selected for the 2018 Rheologica Acta Publication Award.
Professor Kendall Houk
Apr 24, 2018
Professor Ken Houk and Dr Jacob Sanders in his group have provided computational evidence to support a new mechanism of action for FAD.
Dr. Eric Scerri
Apr 24, 2018
UCLA chemistry lecturer and author Dr Eric Scerri is co-editor of a recently released new book on the periodic table.
Professor Steven Clarke
Apr 19, 2018
Clarke is featured in the society’s magazine in recognition of the 2018 William C Rose Award which he will receive at the upcoming ASBMB meeting in San Diego.
Devon Widmar
Apr 19, 2018
Graduate student Devon Widmer (Schwartz group) has been selected for the 2018 Distinguished Teaching Award for Teaching Assistants.
Professor Kendall Houk
Apr 18, 2018
Houk team joins Nobelist Feringa and Wolf Prize Laureate Fujita to discover a Winstein/Roberts non-classical cation in an unexpected place.
Prof. Richard Kaner
Apr 17, 2018
Professor Richard Kaner and PhD student Cheng-Wei Lin are part of the UCLA Carbon Upcycling team which has developed an eco-friendly substitute for concrete.
Smiling volunteers at the booth
Apr 16, 2018
Saturday, April 14th was the annual Freshman Bruin Day for 2018 for newly admitted undergraduate students.
Professor Paul Weiss
Apr 16, 2018
Professor Paul Weiss discussed the future of nanoscience and nanotechnology in an interview with science journalist Robyn Williams on the popular radio program.
Professor Robert Guthrie
Apr 13, 2018
University of Kentucky Professor Emeritus Robert Guthrie, former Cram postdoc and UCLA chemistry lecturer, died on February 13, 2018 at the age of 81.
UCLA seal
Apr 12, 2018
The first four women to receive PhDs from the UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry were honored at the 2018 Departmental Awards Ceremony on April 9th.
Professor Todd Yeates
Apr 12, 2018
BMSB PhD student Yuxi Liu and her mentor Professor Todd Yeates have reported an important new advance in the field of cryo-electron microscopy.
Professor Hosea Nelson and Professor Ken Houk
Apr 12, 2018
A photo gallery of the 2018 Departmental Awards Ceremony and a list of the award recipients are now available online.   
Prof. Eric Block
Apr 9, 2018
The mechanisms by which muscone and analogs produce the aroma known as musk, a common component of perfumes, were reported by the research team.