Xing Jiang
Apr 8, 2016
Graduate student Xing Jiang (Garcia-Garibay group) (pictured) is the lead author of the paper featured in Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN).
Prof. Neil Garg
Apr 8, 2016
Professor and Vice Chair for Graduate Education Neil Garg is one of three UCLA faculty members to be awarded the 2016 Guggenheim Fellowship.
NSF logo
Apr 6, 2016
Three chemistry & biochemistry graduate students have received highly competitive 2016 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program awards.
Mai-Anh Ha
Apr 5, 2016
3rd year graduate student Mai-Anh Ha (Alexandrova lab) has been selected for a prestigious SCGSR award to work at the NREL this summer & fall quarters. 
Prof. Timothy Deming
Mar 31, 2016
The team reported on their research, which could ultimately lead to new approaches to repair catastrophic spinal cord injury, in recent issue of Nature.
Prof. Thuc-Quyen Nguyen
Mar 29, 2016
UCSB chemistry professor Thuc-Quyen Nguyen (BS '97, MS '98, PhD, ’01 Chemistry, Schwartz group) has received the Humboldt Research Award.
Dr. Eric Scerri
Mar 29, 2016
The task group will review all available evidence on the long-standing debate concerning which elements should be placed in group 3 of the periodic table.
Prof. Joseph Loo
Mar 28, 2016
The research could eventually help diagnose health problems, including traumatic brain injuries, which Professor Loo currently studies.       
Professor Richard Kaner
Mar 24, 2016
The UCLA researchers are working to create a process of capturing carbon from power plant smokestacks to turn it into new building materials.
Dr. Michael Thompson
Mar 23, 2016
Alumnus Michael Thompson (PhD ’14, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Yeates Group) has been awarded a 2016 Protein Science Best Paper award.
Professor Al Courey
Mar 21, 2016
The biochemistry professor, also a trained concert pianist, explained how his two passions - science and music – actually have some things in common. 
Prof. David Eisenberg
Mar 18, 2016
The month of March marked the first Eisenberg lecture, recognizing Professor David Eisenberg, a leader in the field of biochemistry.
ACS Reception
Mar 18, 2016
Over 200 people attended the March 15th UCLA Reception & Research Showcase at the American Chemistry Society (ACS) conference in San Diego
Spencer Reisner at event
Mar 11, 2016

Graduate students in the CNSI nanoscience outreach program directed by Prof. Sarah Tolbert help to bring nanotechnology to the mall.

Ali Gonzalez
Mar 8, 2016
Undergraduate student researcher Alejandra “Ali” Gonzalez (Spokoyny group) has been accepted into the prestigious UC LEADS program. 
Prof. Michael Jung
Mar 4, 2016
Michael Jung led the UCLA research team whose discoveries resulted in the development of a leading prostate cancer drug.
Florals and Physiology by Kathleen Dinh
Mar 3, 2016
Artwork by Physical and Life Science undergraduate majors enhances the new Young Hall Student Center and Lounge.
Dr. Eric Scerri
Feb 29, 2016
UCLA chemistry lecturer & historian Eric Scerri leads a plea from several distinguished chemists for one of the new elements to be named after Henry Moseley.
Professor Neil Garg
Feb 26, 2016
Professor Neil Garg has been selected to receive the 2016 Thieme–IUPAC Prize.
Prof. Alexander Spokoyny
Feb 25, 2016
Assistant Professor Alexander Spokoyny has been awarded a 2016 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award.
Journal Cover
Feb 23, 2016
Tolbert Group collaboration with Dunn Group from UCLA Engineering named one of the top five most downloaded papers for the journal in February 2016. 
Prof. Richard Kaner
Feb 19, 2016
Professor Richard Kaner is part of a research team to be awarded a competitive research grant as part of UCLA’s Sustainable LA Grand Challenge.
Prof. Michael Jung
Feb 18, 2016
Professor Michael Jung has been selected to receive the 2015 SCALACS Tolman Medal.
Roy Tasker
Feb 12, 2016
Roy Tasker, Professor of Chemistry Education at Purdue University, gave the Winter Quarter Instructional Division seminar on February 9, 2016 in Young Hall.
Professor David Eisenberg
Feb 9, 2016
Professor Eisenberg discusses his research on amyloid diseases in a recent article about traumatic brain injury & sports concussions.