Joseph Ong
Feb 4, 2020
BMSB graduate student Joseph Ong’s in-depth article about cancer is featured in ASBMB Today magazine on World Cancer Day, February 4.
EVC and Provost Professor Emily Carter
Jan 31, 2020
UCLA’s Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Professor Emily Carter gave the Winter 2020 Distinguished Lecture on January 22.  
Professor Christopher Foote
Jan 31, 2020
Third-year organic chemistry graduate students Jason Chari, Cooper Jamieson, Chris Jones, and Ishika Saha have been named the 2020 Senior Foote Fellows.  
Professor Sarah Tolbert
Jan 31, 2020
Professor Sarah Tolbert and several chemistry & biochemistry researchers are featured in a new video about the CNSI Education Program.
Walter and Shirley Wang
Jan 30, 2020
Walter and Shirley Wang have donated $2M to the UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry to establish two new endowments.
Mindshare image
Jan 30, 2020
UCLA and MindshareLA will present a year-long series of events that explore innovations ranging in scale from the tiny to the cosmic.
New tile
Jan 24, 2020
The tile art piece, which is part of the UCLA Campus Art Collection, has been updated to assure a more inclusive environment for our Native American students.
Professor Anastassia Alexandrova
Jan 22, 2020

Professor Anastassia Alexandrova is co-PI of team to receive $1.5M Sloan Foundation grant for research on electrochemical CO2 removal from air.

Professor Anastassia Alexandrova
Jan 21, 2020
Professor Anastassia Alexandrova wins the 2020 Early-Career Award in Theoretical Chemistry by the Physical Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society. 
Professor James Halpert
Jan 21, 2020
Alum Professor James Halpert (University of Connecticut) shares his memories of UCLA chemistry classes in recent issue of Journal of Biological Chemistry.
Sustainability Open House Flier
Jan 14, 2020
The UCLA Joint Research Safety Initiative (JRSI) is hosting a sustainability open house for Chemistry & Biochemistry researchers on Tuesday, January 21.  
Drs. Masuo and Lorraine Toji
Jan 10, 2020
The late Lorraine and Masuo Toji have left $1 million to our department to support undergraduate education and research.
Professor Justin Caram
Jan 9, 2020
Professor Justin Caram has received a Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award from the National Science Foundation.
Kevin Cheung
Jan 8, 2020
Alumnus Dr Kevin Cheung (PhD ’19, Andrews/P Weiss groups) is lead author of ACS Sensors cover article and profiled by the journal. 
Research image
Jan 7, 2020
Professor James Gimzewski & alum Adam Stieg (PhD ’07) are part of team that has taken a significant stride toward goal of creating thinking machines. 
Dr. Eric Scerri
Jan 7, 2020

To mark the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the periodic table, Eric Scerri’s book about the periodic table was featured in the New Yorker.  

Dec 20, 2019
UCLA researchers and Ilhan Yavuz from Turkey, unraveled the surface defect-deactivation mechanism in perovskite solar cells using molecules found in tea, coffee and chocolate.
Dec 19, 2019
The Houk group hosted the CCHF Virtual Symposum 16 sponsored by the Center for Selective C-H Functionalization (CHF).
Professor Hosea Nelson
Dec 13, 2019
Professor Hosea Nelson has been awarded the 2020 Bristol-Myers Squibb Unrestricted Grant in Synthetic Organic Chemistry.
Professors Paul Alivisatos and Emily Carter
Dec 13, 2019
Nanoscience pioneer Professor Paul Alivisatos (UC Berkeley) was awarded the 2019 Seaborg Medal in recognition of his seminal contributions to the field.
Professor Anne Andrews
Dec 12, 2019
Professor Anne Andrews discusses her trajectory, conceptualizing neurochemistry, and identifying “moon-shots” in interview with “extremophile” Nik Hawks.
Dr. Laurence Lavelle
Dec 11, 2019

On December 5, 2019, Dr Laurence Lavelle’s Chemistry Community hit 10 million page views and 200,000 posts.

Child extracting DNA from strawberry
Dec 10, 2019
Chemistry & Biochemistry faculty, postdocs, grad students, and undergrads helped make this year's Exploring Your Universe (EYU) a huge success.
Professor Jorge Torres
Dec 9, 2019
A video celebrating Professor Jorge Torres’ 2019 ASCB Prize for Excellence in Inclusivity was premiered at the opening ceremonies of the ASCB|EMBO meeting.
Professor Paul Weiss
Dec 5, 2019
Professor Paul Weiss discusses the early days of nanotechnology and some key technical advances with science journalist Robyn Williams on “The Science Show”.