Professor Joanne Stubbe
Mar 24, 2020
JoAnne Stubbe’s 2020 Priestly Medal address “The road less traveled—for love of detection, discovery, and all things radical in nature” is now online.
Professor Ken Houk
Mar 23, 2020
Professor Ken Houk’s group joins with the Scott Denmark group at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to explain the autocatalytic Soai reaction.
Mar 17, 2020
On March 1, 2020, we celebrated the official installation of Professor Michael Jung as the UC Presidential Chair in Medicinal Chemistry.
Lyda Boyer
Mar 16, 2020
We are sad to report that Lyda Boyer, widow of Nobel Laureate Emeritus Professor Paul Boyer, passed away on Monday March 9, just short of her 101st birthday.
James Bowie
Mar 12, 2020
Professor James Bowie receives the 2020 Stein and Moore Award in recognition of his protein science research and service to the scientific community.
David Boyer
Mar 12, 2020
PhD student David Boyer (Eisenberg group) is one of 20 young scientists chosen for inaugural class of the UC President’s Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings Fellows
Rachana Jayaraman receiving her book
Mar 12, 2020
Undergraduate student Rachana Jayaraman is the winner of the 2018-19 Chem14A/B Excellence in Chemistry Book Award.
Professor Ken Houk
Mar 4, 2020

A two and a half-day conference in honor of Professor Kendall N. Houk will take place August 12-14, 2020, at UCLA’s CNSI Auditorium.  

Professor Xiangfeng Duan
Mar 4, 2020
Professor Xiangfeng Duan is the sole recipient of this year’s Mid-Career Researcher Award from the MRS, the largest materials society in the US. 
EH&S Logo
Mar 4, 2020
Chemistry & Biochemistry staff and student researchers were recognized at the 3rd Annual UCLA EH&S Safety Forward Awards Luncheon on February 13, 2020.
Dr. Eric Scerri
Mar 3, 2020
“What is a Chemical Element?” is a collection of essays by chemists, philosophers, historians, and educators edited by Eric Scerri and Elena Ghibaudi.
Professor Bogdan Dragnea
Mar 3, 2020

Professor Bogdan Dragnea (Provost Professor, Departments of Chemistry and Physics, Indiana University at Bloomington) gave the 6th annual Carolyn & Charles Knobler Lecture on February 24, 2020.

Andrew Weller
Feb 28, 2020
Professor Andrew Weller (University of York, UK) gave the 2020 Ray and Dorothy Wilson Inorganic Lecture on February 19, 2020. 
Zisheng Zhang
Feb 27, 2020
Graduate student Zisheng Zhang (Alexandrova group) has been awarded a Pauley Fellowship by the UCLA College of Letters and Sciences, Division of Physical Sciences. 
Rachael Day
Feb 27, 2020
Fourth-year chemistry graduate student Rachael Day (Sletten group) has been awarded a prestigious UCLA Alumni Association Fellowship.
Dayanni Bhagwandin
Feb 25, 2020
PhD student Dayanni Bhagwandin (Rubin group) was chosen as one of 16 CCST Science Translators at the California State Capitol in Sacramento on February 5, 2020.
Professor Gonzalo Cosa
Feb 21, 2020
Organic chemist Professor Gonzalo Cosa (McGill University) gave the 2020 Foote Lecture on February 13, 2020.
Professor Keriann Backus
Feb 19, 2020
Professor Keriann Backus has been named to the Alexander and Renee Kolin Endowed Professorship of Molecular Biology and Biophysics Term Chair for five years. 
Professor David Eisenberg
Feb 18, 2020
Professor David Eisenberg has been selected as the 2020 Passano Award Laureate in recognition of his groundbreaking protein research. 
Professor Ken Houk
Feb 18, 2020
Two Southern California research teams joined efforts to reveal the mechanistic underpinnings of an unusually efficient carbon-carbon bond formation. 
Dean Miguel Garcia-Garibay
Feb 14, 2020
Physical Sciences Dean and professor of organic chemistry Miguel García-Garibay gave the Andrew Steitwieser lecture at UC Berkeley on February 11, 2020.   
Dr. Zhaoyang Lin
Feb 12, 2020
Dr Zhaoyang Lin (Duan group) received the Chancellor's Award for Postdoctoral Research at the 2020 UCLA Postdoctoral Scholars Award Ceremony on February 5. 
Professor Jose Rodriguez
Feb 12, 2020
Professor Jose Rodriguez is one of four UCLA assistant professors selected to receive the prestigious 2020 Sloan Research Fellowship.  
Maya Pathuri
Feb 7, 2020
Alumna Ramya “Maya” Pathuri (’19, Spokoyny group) shares her experiences as an Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Phillips Scholar in new video. 
Professor Paul Weiss
Feb 6, 2020
Professor Paul Weiss and alum Adam Stieg (PhD ’07) made presentations at the Vision 2020 Series “It Came From Nano Space” event on February 1.