May 19, 2017
Biochemistry students pose for a group photo on the sand at Santa Monica beach
The Saturday afternoon event on May 13th was organized by the UCLA Graduate Biochemistry Student Association
The students organized the event to promote camaraderie among all the UCLA Biochemistry, Molecular & Structural Biology (BMSB) students. Attendees were invited to “enjoy refreshments and unwind after a long week of experiments”. The group played frisbee and volleyball and visited the Santa Monica pier.
"The event was great" said first-year BMSB graduate student Won Jung, "after a long week it was nice to have an enjoyable and relaxing space".
The event was sponsored by the events committee of the UCLA Graduate Biochemistry Student Association with support from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. The events committee is dedicated to “fostering events that build values of community and inclusivity among the biochemistry scientific community at UCLA”.
UCLA biochemistry graduate students enjoyed a day of fun and relaxation at Santa Monica beach.
Photos courtesy of Erick Velasquez.