Mar 6, 2014

Dr. Laurence Lavelle, Dr. Eric Scerri, and Dr. Heather Tienson are the recipients of the UCLA Unit 18 professional development awards for 2013-2014.

UCLA Today (By UCLA Academic Personnel Office): The UCLA Academic Personnel Office recently announced the recipients of the Unit 18 professional development awards for 2013-14. The awards support the professional growth and pedagogical initiatives of lecturers, officially known as Unit 18 non-Senate faculty at UCLA. The Non-Senate Council on Professional Development, a committee composed of lecturers drawn from different academic fields, grants funds to proposals that explain the feasibility of teaching projects that improve pedagogy and demonstrate the applicant’s substantive participation in a variety of endeavors and activities that are relevant to the candidate’s discipline and professional development.

Laurence Lavelle, Eric Scerri, and Heather Tienson

The recipients are: 
UCLA – Division of Undergraduate Education: Rachelle Okawa
African American Studies: Libby Lewis
Asian Languages and Cultures: Liancheng Chief, Nenita Domingo, Jennifer Jung-kim, Yumiko Kawanishi, Gyanam Mahajan, Yan Shen, Asako Takakura, Juliana Wijaya, Yu-wen Yao and Jae Eun Yoon
Chemistry and Biochemistry: Laurence Lavelle, Eric Scerri, Heather Tienson
Civil and Environmental Engineering: Sim-lin Lau, Theodore Shugar
Classics: Colin Shelton
Communication Studies: John Kochian, Steven Peterson
Community Health Sciences: Nedra Weinreich
Dentistry: Deborah Termeie
Film, TV and Digital Media: Benjamin Harris
Germanic Languages: Miriam Koral
Graduate School of Education and Information Studies: Carla-Anne Thomas, Gabriela Cardenas, Olivia Lozano, Imelda Nava, Jacqueline Torres, Rosangela Viera, Christopher Wilson
Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics: Jordan Moberg-Parker
Music: Ben Phelps
Philosophy: Samuel Baker
Political Science: Cynthia Lebow
School of Nursing: Mary Canobbio, Inese L. Verzemnieks, Stacey Green
Slavic Languages and Literature: Naomi Caffee, Yelena Furman, Viktorija Lejko-Lacan
Spanish and Portuguese: Juliet Falce-Robinson
Statistics: Juana Sanchez
Study of Religion: Karen Muldoon-Hules
Urban Planning: Goetz Wolff
Writing Programs: Leslie Bennett, Colleen Jaurretche, Linda Jensen, Hye Ri (Stephanie) Kim, Sarah Mesle, Tara Prescott