Jun 17, 2021
2021 Organic Graduate Student Symposia
This year’s annual Organic Graduate Symposia on June 4th and 11th featured online research talks by 23 chemistry graduate students. 
The annual Organic Graduate Symposium provides a forum for organic chemistry graduate students, who are within one year of obtaining their Ph.D., to present their dissertation research at UCLA to their peers, researchers, and faculty. Every year, the symposium is open to everyone in the department and to the friends and families of the presenters. Each student speaker is introduced by either a faculty member or a member of his or her lab. All of this year’s presenters graduated this quarter and were honored in the department’s virtual graduation celebration.
Research talks were presented by Sarah Anthony (Garg group), Tim Boit (Garg group), Trevor Chang (García-Garibay group), Violet Chen (Kwon group), Daniel Estabrook (Sletten group), Neil Forsythe (Maynard group), Sydnee Green (Nelson group), Vincent Hipwell (García-Garibay group), Cooper Jamieson (Houk/Tang groups), Joseph Jaye (Sletten group), Marcus Jellen (García-Garibay group), Gina (Ga Young) Lee (Sletten/Houk groups), Ieva Liepuoniute (Houk/García-Garibay group), Liubo (Rupert) Li (Harran group), Margeaux Miller (Sletten group), Selbi Nuryyeva (Houk/Yang groups), Roy Pan (Jung/Radu groups), Monica Pengshung (Sletten group), Stanislav Popov (Nelson group), Melissa Ramirez (Garg/Houk groups), Edris Rivera (García-Garibay group), Doug Rose (Maynard group), and Wendell Scott (Deming group).
The event was chaired by Professor Yves Rubin and organized by Organic Divisional Assistant Julio Gonzalez, who took all the screen shots of the presenters. For the more details about the symposia, click here for the event fliers.
Congratulations to all the presenters!
Sarah Anthony
Sarah Anthony (Ph.D. ’21, Neil Garg group)
Timothy Boit
Timothy Boit (Ph.D. ’21, Neil Garg group)
Trevor Chang
Trevor Chang (Ph.D. ’21, Miguel García-Garibay group)
Violet Chen (Ph.D. ’21, Ohyun Kwon group)
Daniel Estabrook
Daniel Estabrook (Ph.D. ’21, Ellen Sletten group)
Neil Forsythe
Neil Forsythe (Ph.D. ’21, Heather Maynard group)
Sydnee Green
Sydnee Green (Ph.D. ’21, Hosea Nelson group)
Vince Hipwell
Vince Hipwell (Ph.D. ’21, Miguel García-Garibay group) 
Cooper Jamieson
Cooper Jamieson (Ph.D. ’21, Ken Houk and Yi Tang groups)
Joseph Jaye
Joseph Jaye (Ph.D. ’21, Ellen Sletten group)
Marcus Jellen
Marcus Jellen (Ph.D. ’21, Miguel García-Garibay group)
Ga Young (GIna) Lee
Ga Young (Gina) Lee (Ph.D. ’21, Ellen Sletten and Ken Houk groups)
Ieva Liepuoniute
Ieva Liepuoniute (Ph.D. ’21, Miguel García-Garibay and Ken Houk groups)
Liubo (Rupert) Li
Liubo (Rupert) Li (Ph.D. ’21, Patrick Harran group)
Wendell Scott
Wendell Alejandro Scott (Ph.D. ’21, Timothy Deming group)
Margeaux Miller
Margeaux Miller (Ph.D. ’21, Ellen Sletten group)
Selbi Nuryyeva
Selbi Nuryyeva (Ph.D. ’21, Ken Houk & Yang Yang groups)
Roy Pan
Roy Pan (Ph.D. ’21, Michael Jung and Caius Radu groups)
Monica Pengshung
Monica Pengshung (Ph.D. ’21, Ellen Sletten group)
Melissa Ramirez
Melissa Ramirez (Ph.D. ’21, Neil Garg and Ken Houk groups)
Edris Rivera
Edris Rivera (Ph.D. ’21, Miguel García-Garibay group)
Doug Rose
Douglas Rose (Ph.D. ’21, Heather Maynard group)
Stanislav Popov
Stanislav Popov (Ph.D. ’21, Hosea Nelson group)
Penny Jennings, UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, penny@chem.ucla.edu.