May 27, 2020
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Each year we recognize our graduate students for their accomplishments in research and teaching, two of the primary missions of our university.   
The 2020 Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate Awards have been announced. Congratulations to all the recipients listed below! These awards are normally presented to students at the department’s annual awards ceremony and at Commencement, both of which have been postponed until later in the 2020-21 academic year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will be honoring our graduating students through virtual celebrations in June. Learn more here.
We are incredibly grateful to our donors whose generous gifts make these awards possible.
These awards were established in 1988 by Dr. Ralph Bauer (B.S. '52, Ph.D. '58), recipient of our 2020 Alumni Legacy Award, and his wife Charlene. They are given to students who have advanced to candidacy and have excelled in research, teaching, and service.  
Sarah Anthony  Daniel Baumann  Tim Boit  David Boyer  Rachael Day
Anna Kataki  Sophia King  Ga Young Lee  Joseph Ong  KJ Winchell
(Clockwise from top left) Sarah Anthony (Garg lab), Daniel Baumann (Duan lab), Timothy Boit (Garg lab), David Boyer (Rodriguez lab), Rachael Day (Sletten lab), Anna Kataki (Sletten lab), Sophia King (Tobert lab), Ga Young Lee (Sletten lab), Joseph Ong (Torres lab), and KJ Winchell (Tolbert lab).
These awards are given to students who are graduating in 2020 and are awarded based on research excellence and productivity leading to an outstanding dissertation.  
Jacob Dander
Boehringer Ingelheim-UCLA Dissertation Award for Excellence in Organic Chemistry
Jacob Dander (Garg lab)
Michael Yamano
Donald J. Cram Dissertation Award
Michael Yamano (Garg lab)
Chengzhang Wan  KJ Winchell
Jim and Barbara Tsay Dissertation Award
Chengzhang Wan (Duan lab) and KJ Winchell (Tolbert lab)
Joran Dotson   Andrew Smaligo
Majeti-Alapati Dissertation Award
Jordan Dotson (Garcia-Garibay/Garg labs) and Andrew Smaligo (Kwon lab)
Robert Susick
Pfizer-UCLA Dissertation Award for Excellence in Organic Synthesis
Robert Susick (Garg lab)
Michelle Bradley
Roberts A. Smith Dissertation Award
Michelle Bradley (C. Clarke lab)
Katherine Bay
Saul and Sylvia Winstein Dissertation Award
Katherine Bay (Houk lab)
Emily Cosco
Theodore A. Geissman Dissertation Award
Emily Cosco (Sletten lab)
Yolanda Li  Wai Mak  Chuanzhen Zhao
Thomas and Ruth F. Jacobs Dissertation Award
Yolanda Li (Rubin lab), Wai Mak (Kaner) and Chuanzhen Zhao (P. Weiss lab)
Stephanie Aguilar
UCLA Chemists Association Dissertation Award in Inorganic Chemistry
Stephanie Aguilar (Kaner lab)
Jason Belling
UCLA Chemists Association Dissertation Award in Materials Chemistry
Jason Belling (P. Weiss lab)
The Jim and Barbara Tsay Excellence in Second Year Research and Academics Awards are given to third-year graduate students who performed exceptionally in courses, teaching, and research throughout their first and second years and have advanced to candidacy.  Preference is given to students who have published one or more research papers from their graduate studies and maintained a core GPA ≤ 3.70.
Kierstyn Anderson  Jason Chari  Yao Gong  Zach Hern  
Irene Lim  Sepand Nistanaki  Chenxiang Wang  Benjamin Wigman
(Clockwise from top left) Kierstyn Anderson (Spokoyny lab), Jason Chari (Garg lab), Yao Gong (P. Weiss lab), Zach Hern (Diaconescu lab), Irene Lim (Sletten lab), Sepand Nistanaki (Nelson lab), Chenxiang Wang (Kaner lab), and Benjamin Wigman (Nelson lab).
The Michael E. Jung Excellence in Teaching Awards are given to students who have excelled as teaching assistants (TAs) as reflected in undergraduate student evaluations and faculty nomination letters.  
Katherine Bay  Nick Bernier    Michele Bradley  Rachel Day  Mary Waddington Grumbles  Jesus Iniguez  Cooper Jamieson  Wonhyeuk Jung  Natalie Kashanchi  Rhacel Knapp  Milauni Mehta  Emily Murzinski  Lisa Pangilinan  Amberneil Saha  Ashley Shin  Luke Sisto  Katie Spence  Dane Stanfield  Cheylene Tanimoto  Chloe Williams
(Clockwise from top left) Katherine Bay (Houk lab), Nick Bernier (Spokoyny lab), Timothy Boit (Garg lab), Michelle Bradley (C. Clarke lab), Rachael Day (Sletten lab), Mary Waddington Grumbles (Spokoyny lab), Jesus Iniguez (Liu lab), Cooper Jamieson (Houk/Tang labs), Wonhyeuk Jung (Loo lab), Natalie Kashanchi (Tolbert lab), Rachel Knapp (Garg lab), Milauni Mehta (Garg lab), Emily Murzinski (Harran lab), Lisa Pangilinan (Kaner lab), Ambarneil Saha (Rodriguez lab), Ashley Shin (Caram lab), Luke Sisto (Harran lab), Katie Spence (Garg lab), Dane Stanfield (Schwartz lab), Cheylene Tanimoto (Gelbart lab), and Chloe Williams (Nelson lab).
The Excellence in Research Awards are given to students who have advanced to candidacy. These awards are based on research excellence and productivity.  
Roselyn Rodrigues
Dafni Amirsakis Memorial Excellence in Research Award
Roselyn Rodrigues (Liu lab)
Scott McConnell
Daniel E. Atkinson and Charles A. West Excellence in Research Award
Scott McConnell (Clubb lab)
Cooper Jamieson
Don C. Atkins Excellence in Research Award
Cooper Jamieson (Houk lab)
Daniel Estabrook  Joseph Jaye
Donald J. Cram Excellence in Research Award
Daniel Estabrook (Sletten lab) and Joseph Jaye (Sletten lab)
Christopher JonesAmy Lai
Ernest F. Hare, Jr. Excellence in Research Award
Christopher Jones (Nelson lab) and Amy Lai (Diaconescu lab)
Ruxi Dai  Ieva Liepuoniute
George Gregory Excellence in Research Award
Ruxi Dai (Diaconescu lab) and Ieva Liepuoniute (Houk lab)
Liubo Li  Wenfei Li
John Stauffer Excellence in Research Award
Liubo Li (Harran lab) and Wenfei Li (Neuhauser lab)
Syndee Green  Marcus Jellen  Stanislav Popov
Majeti-Alapati Excellence in Research Award
Sydnee Green (Nelson lab), Marcus Jellen (García-Garibay lab) and Stanislav Popov (Nelson lab)
Fang-Chu Lin
Maria Rebecca and Maureen Bellettini Excellence in Research Award
Fang-Chu Lin (Zink lab)
Calina Glynn
Roberts A. Smith Excellence in Research Award
Calina Glynn (Rodriguez lab)
Harrison Mills
Thomas and Ruth Jacobs Excellence in Research Award
Harrison Mills (Spokoyny lab)
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