Jun 5, 2018
faculty with student
The annual Organic Graduate Symposium on Saturday, June 2, 2018, featured research talks by fifteen chemistry graduate students.
The Organic Graduate Symposium provides a forum for organic chemistry graduate students, who are within one year of obtaining their Ph.D., to present their dissertation research at UCLA to their peers, researchers, and faculty. The symposium is open to everyone in the department, friends, and families.
“The talks were fantastic, the best ever” said Professor Ken Houk in his closing remarks. “The organic faculty were so impressed and gratified that we are producing what are surely among the very best new Ph.D.s, going on to postdocs positions at Caltech, Harvard, Scripps, among other places. They gave wonderful presentations of truly groundbreaking work. This event is not only the best organic symposium of the year, but it also satisfies the students’ exit requirements. It is the culmination of the Ph.D. degree at UCLA.”  
The fifteen graduate student speakers - Top row: Tyler Allred, Emma Baker-Tripp, Brett Cory, Xiaofei Dong, Jason Fell. Middle row: Ray Gamache, Cyndi He, Junyoung Kim, JK Ko, Brian Levandowski. Bottom row: Jin Park, Emma Pelegri-O'Day, Elias Picazo, Juno Van Valkenburgh, Song Yang.
Research talks were presented by graduate students Jin Park (Garcia-Garibay group), Elias Picazo, Emma Baker-Trip, and Junyoung Kim (Garg group),Tyler Allred (Harran group), Brian Levandowski, Cyndi He, Jason Fell, Song Yang, and Xiaofei Dong (Houk group), Juno Van Valkenburgh (Radu & Jung groups), Emma Pelegri-O’Day and Jeong Hoon “JK” Ko (Maynard group), Brett Cory (Merlic group), and Ray Gamache (Murphy group), all of whom will graduate on June 16, 2018, at the UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry commencement ceremony.  Each student speaker was introduced by a member of his or her lab.
The all-day event, held in the Cram Conference room in the Molecular Sciences building, began with a catered breakfast followed by morning talks. After a catered lunch, there were afternoon talks followed by a pizza reception. The event concluded with closing remarks by Houk and a toast to the fifteen soon-to-be-newly-minted Ph.D.s. View the complete list of speakers, introducers & talk titles here.
The event was chaired by Houk and organized by Organic Divisional Assistant Julio Gonzalez. It was made possible by the support of the Saul Winstein Chair in Organic Chemistry.
Professor Ken Houk (left) with Emma Baker-Tripp and (right) Elias Picazo.
(Left) Jason Fell with Professor Craig Merlic and Ken Houk.  (Right) Brian Levandowski holding a photo of UCLA chemistry professor Dr. Saul Winstein who died in 1969 at the age of 57.  Support from the Saul Winstein Chair in Organic Chemistry made the symposium possible.
At lunch - Organic Division faculty members Professor Ken Houk, Ohyun Kwon, Ellen Sletten, Neil Garg, and Hosea Nelson.
Photos courtesy of Professor Ken Houk.