Jun 29, 2017
Student giving talk
The annual Organic Graduate symposium on June 16 featured research talks by five chemistry graduate students.
Talks were presented by Peiyuan Yu (Houk group), Natalie Boehnke (Maynard group), Brice Curtin (Harran group) pictured above, Jessica Grandner (Houk group), and Jesus Moreno (Garg group), all of whom graduated the next day at the UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry commencement ceremony.
The Organic Graduate Symposium provides a forum for organic chemistry graduate students, who are within one year of obtaining their Ph.D., to present their dissertation research at UCLA to their peers, researchers, and faculty. The symposium is open to everyone in the department, friends, and families.
The event, held in the Cram Conference room in the Molecular Sciences building, began with a catered lunch followed by welcoming remarks by Prof. Ken Houk. Each speaker was introduced by a member of his or her lab.  View the complete list of speakers, introducers & talk titles here. The event concluded with closing remarks by Houk and a champagne toast to the five soon-to-be-newly-minted Ph.D.s.
The event was chaired by Houk and organized by Organic Divisional Assistant Dave Gingrich. It was made possible by the support of the Saul Winstein Chair in Organic Chemistry.
Professor Ken Houk takes “selfies” with the audience at the symposium.
From left – Peiyuan Yu (right) was introduced by his fellow Houk group member Zhongyue Yang (left). Jessica Grandner (Houk group) during her seminar.

The Cram Conference room was filled to capacity.
Photos courtesy of Prof. Ken Houk and David Gingrich.