Dec 16, 2016
Departmental awards
A photo gallery of the 2016 Departmental Awards Ceremony and a list of the award recipients is now available online.                       
The annual Departmental Awards Ceremony was held at the CNSI auditorium on Tuesday, December 6th. In addition to recognizing the efforts of our accomplished students and faculty, we had an opportunity to celebrate our department's excellence in teaching and research. 
Photos from the ceremony and reception can be viewed here.
The award recipients are listed below. Congratulations to all the winners!

Presented by Dr. Kathleen Micham, Assistant Dean of Physical Sciences, Professor Yung-Ya Lin, Vice Chair for Undergraduate Education, and Professor Benjamin Schwartz.
Alpha Chi Sigma (AXE) Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship
Janine Yen Ning Fu and John Morris Kozlowski
Alumni Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship
Brandon Chang Yoshida
Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Research Fellowship
Dyana Noemi Kenanova
Daniel Kivelson Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship
Luke Verlinsky
Gold Family Foundation Award
Chloe Cheng and Alejandra Gonzalez
Hosmer Stone Prize
Thomas Chang , Sriram Rao, Gregory Schuette, Hang Yin
Raymond & Dorothy Wilson Research Fellowship
Riley Carson Bryden Fricke, Alexander Lewis Laughlin, Ryan David McCurdy, Talia Saravi
Whitcome Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Emma J. Carley & Nguyen Vobao Pham
William M. Arnold Biochemistry Alumni Award
Tatiana McCoy
Zymo Research Fellowship
Cyrus Yang Jin
Presented by Professor Patrick Harran, Vice Chair for Graduate Education. 
Excellence in Second Year Academics and Research
Presented by Professor James Bowie, Biochemistry Vice Chair for Academic Personnel
Rafal Dziedzic, Lucas Morrill, Yiliu Wang, Chen-Chen Zhou
Hanson-Dow Awards
Presented by Yung Ya Lin, Vice Chair for Undergraduate Education
Kris Barr, Daniel Baumann, Katelyn Caslavka, Jessica Grandner, Grace Huang, Fang-Chu Lin, Kristofer Marsh,  Anish Nag, Jingwen Yao 
Ralph & Charlene Bauer Research Award
Stephanie Quan
Faculty Award for Innovation in Inorganic Chemistry
Mufan Li
Majeti-Alapati Fellowship
Jose Medina
George Gregory Research Award
Robert Boutelle
Ernest F. Hare, Jr., Memorial Scholarship
Mai-Anh Ha
John Stauffer Fellowship
Lingchao Cai
John M. Jordan Memorial Award
Brendan Amer
Roberts A. Smith Research Award
Andrea Hadjikyriacou
Christopher Foote Fellows
Presented by Professor Robin Garrell, Vice Provost and Dean, Graduate Division
Emma Baker, Brian Levandowski, Emma Pelegri-O’Day, Elias Picazo
Hanson-Dow Award for Excellence in Teaching
Introduced & Presented by Professor Steven Clarke
Professor Anastassia Alexandrova and Dr. Anne Hong Hermesdorf
The Herbert Newby McCoy Award
Introduced & Presented by Professor and Chair Catherine F. Clarke
Staff – Dr. Ankur A. Gholkar
Faculty – Professor Anastassia Alexandrova and Professor Patrick Harran
The Department is extremely grateful for the generous financial contributions made to the following fellowship and award programs by our donors and alumni:
Alpha Chi Sigma
William M. Arnold Family
Ralph & Charlene Bauer Endowed Fellowship in Chemistry
Robert & Roberta Boschan
Chemistry Faculty for the Faculty Award for Innovation in Inorganic Chemistry
Christopher Foote Graduate Fellowship
Dr. Atsuko and Mr. Akira Fujimoto and Emeritus Professor Roberts A. Smith 
for the Roberts A. Smith Graduate Student Award for the Study of Biochemistry
George Gregory Fellowship
Gold Family Foundation
Hanson-Dow Award for Excellence in Teaching
Ernest F. Hare, Jr. Memorial Award
John M. Jordan Memorial Award for Creative Scholarship
Margaret Kivelson
Steven & Pamela Kivelson
Valerie Kivelson
Majeti-Alapati Fellowship
Herbert Newby McCoy Award
John Stauffer Fellowship in Chemistry and Biochemistry
The Estate of Hosmer Stone
The Estate of Philip Whitcome
Raymond & Dorothy Wilson Endowment Fund
Zymo Research
Photos by Reed Hutchinson