2016 AXΣ Glenn T. Seaborg Banquet

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Torres Jorge Small

Professor Jorge Torres was presented with the 2016 UCLA Alpha Chi Sigma (AXΣ) Glenn T Seaborg Award at the annual AXΣ Seaborg Banquet on May 21st.

The Seaborg Banquet is a tradition for the Beta Gamma chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma. The Alpha Chi Sigma Glenn T. Seaborg Award (not to be confused with the Glenn T. Seaborg Medal awarded by the department) is presented annually at the banquet to an early-career UCLA chemistry and biochemistry faculty member in recognition of his/her outstanding achievements, with emphasis on research and scholarly impact. Consideration is also given to outstanding teaching, mentoring and professional service.

The event, held at The Olympic Collection in West Los Angeles, was attended by both members of Alpha Chi Sigma and several UCLA chemistry and biochemistry faculty.  At the banquet, Dr. Torres gave a brief presentation about his recent work and the direction of his research in the future.

Seaborg Axe 16
(From left) Torres with the current Seaborg Chairs: John Kozlowski, Chelsea Goossens, and Danielle Jones

Seaborg Axe 16 1
Torres gave a brief presentation about his research at the event.

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At the banquet, two awards were presented in addition to the Glenn T. Seaborg Award. The Alpha Chi Sigma Member of the Year Award was presented to undergraduate Clara Posner (pictured near left) for her outstanding and innovative contributions to the fraternity since her initiation a year ago. The Alpha Chi Sigma Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to undergraduate Vincent Tran (pictured far left) for his dedication to service of the fraternity throughout the entirety of his membership, beginning in 2013. 

Alumnus Glenn T. Seaborg (’34 Chemistry) was one of the founding members of the Beta Gamma Chapter – pursuing his interests in chemistry well after his years at UCLA, he became a Nobel Prize Laureate in 1951. 

To learn more about Torres’ and his research visit his group’s website.

For more information about the fraternity, visit the UCLA Alpha Chi Sigma homepage.

Glenn T. Seaborg’s biography is available at Nobelprize.org.

Event photos by Fritz Batiller