The Instructional Division includes a cross-disciplinary group of faculty whose main focus is excellence in undergraduate instruction in lecture, laboratory, seminar, and research environments.

Through a combination of traditional and technological teaching tools (computer-generated animations, PowerPoint, podcasts, etc.), modern content is delivered in over 40 courses per quarter, including Honors Collegium and Fiat Lux courses. Typically quarterly enrollment exceeds 3800 in Chemistry and Biochemistry major courses and 2200 in service courses (principally for the Life Sciences).

According to the American Chemical Society, UCLA has awarded more bachelor’s degrees to chemistry and biochemistry majors than any other school in the country for four of the last five years.

Rigorous curriculum and engaging presentation have resulted in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty receiving more UCLA teaching awards than most other departments on campus. Teaching assistants gain significant experience and inspiration in this environment. We are especially proud of our recent graduates who have accepted K-12, community college, and PUI teaching positions.

Less traditional interests among the instructional Division faculty include teacher preparation and science outreach programs (Arlene Russell), and writing books about history and philosophy of science (Eric Scerri), and multiple books and educational media (Laurence Lavelle).

Instructional Faculty