Student Seminar - Organization for Cultural Diversity in Science

Tue, May 28 3:30pm
2033 YH
Speaker Marco Messina

Between Two Laboratories: Developing Inorganic Approaches to Polymerization and Bioconjugation

Abstract: During this seminar, I will present a broad overview of three projects completed during my dissertation studies. The initial topic will focus on our discovery that boron-rich clusters of the type B12(OCH2Ar)12 (Ar = Ph or C6F5) can act as powerful photooxidants to carry out visible-light initiated polymerization of electron-rich and –deficient olefins at room temperature. I will also discuss our development of carborane functionalized chain-transfer agents (CTA’s) which can be used in reversible addition-fragmentation chain-transfer (RAFT) polymerization to generate polymers of controlled molecular weight. The tunable nature of the carborane-based scaffold appended on the polymer chain end serves as both a tunable spectroscopic probe and affinity label. Lastly, I will discuss our efforts in using well-defined and isolable gold(III) organometallic reagents for cysteine arylation of biomolecules. The final moments of the seminar will focus on topics in diversity within science.