Special Instructional Division Seminar

Tue, May 16 4:00pm
2033 Young Hall
Speaker Dr. Max I. Kopelevich
Hosted by
Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UCLA

Title: Interactive web-based notebooks

Abstract: Over the last 5 years Jupyter (formerly IPython) notebooks developed into a popular vehicle to process, present, and share scholarly information.  These notebooks are easy to construct and allow to freely mix text, multiple types of data, and code.  In the 2014 Nature article describing the Jupyter notebook, the author stated “it excels at demonstration, research, and teaching objectives especially for science”.

In this talk we will examine the use of Jupyter notebooks as instructional tools.  Today, a web search reveals that examples of notebooks in Chemistry and Biochemistry instruction are still few and far between.   At UCLA, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry was a relatively early adopter of notebooks in 2015 largely due to Shimon Weiss and his Chemistry 114 course.  Since then, notebooks were used in several other courses in our Department, as well as in EPSS and Statistics courses.  We aim to advertise the use of Jupyter notebooks for creating mini-courses by faculty and TAs on specific topics, interactive student lab notebooks, and other materials supplementary to traditional instruction.

In addition to Jupyter notebooks, we will take a look at the full-featured Javascript Molecular Viewer JSMol and ChemDoodle Web components that are now part of CCLE.