Kivelson Lecture

Mon, Jan 28 4:00pm
2033 Young Hall
Speaker Prof. Itai Cohen, Ph.D.

I am very proud to have been asked to give this lecture in honor of Dan Kivelson. During my undergraduate years at UCLA I worked in Dan’s lab and through this experience became hooked on science. In this talk, I hope to pay homage to this creative, wonderful researcher and more importantly mench of a man. To that end, I will start with a few personal anecdotes about Dan.  I will then move on to the work that we are currently conducting in my own lab which entails:

Linking structure with mechanics in soft squishy materials

Soft matter systems derive their bulk mechanical properties from their underlying microscale structure and its response to thermal fluctuations. In this part of the talk I will discuss how we are using our newly developed Confocal Rheoscope to simultaneously measure changes in the mechanical behavior and structural organization of materials ranging from shear thinning and thickening colloidal suspensions to various strain stiffening biological tissues.

Reception following the event at 5:15 pm.

Contact: Carol Canedo at x64956 or for more information.